Metal Review: Chapel of Disease – Summoning Black Gods (2012)

Chapel of DiseaseF.D.A. Rekotz’s Cologne, Germany death metal act Chapel of Disease comes at us with Summoning Black Gods, and with it we get 8 tracks of a decent throwback to old school death metal with the European flair. This album makes we wonder what is going on with the recent outpouring of death metal releases that have been coming my way. Is it a sign of things to come or a harbinger of doom for society? Seriously though, I cannot really complain because a lot of what I have been receiving in recent weeks has been pretty solid. Of course, there are plenty of clunkers too, but I have been on a decent run in recent weeks and that is a very good thing.

While Chapel of Disease is definitely not bringing anything original with Summoning Black Gods, they play to their audience’s wants and needs very well and bring us some strong tracks. The album could stand to be a little longer though (not even reaching 45 minutes). The songs are well thought out and performed pretty well. The band members are no slouches.

Like I mentioned already, the two biggest detriments to this album are its length and its lack of originality. You cannot fault the band for doing what they love though because it is a very nice homage to death band bands of old.

Summoning Black Gods Track Listing:
1. Summoning Black Gods
2. Descend to the Tomb
3. Dead Spheres
4. Evocation of the Father
5. The Nameless City
6. Hymns of the New Land
7. Exili’s Heritage
8. The Loved Dead

Chapel of Disease Line-up:
Laurent Teubl : Vocals, Guitars
Cedric Teubl : Guitars
Christian Krieger : Bass
David Dankert : Drums