Metal Review: Attic – The Invocation (2012)

Attic - The Invocation (2012)German metal band Attic has released their debut album, The Invocation, and they sure are wearing their inspiration proudly. By about a minute into the album, you can see that Attic has more than a little respect for King Diamond and Mercyful Fate. From the falsetto vocals style to the similar riff work to the entire theme of the album, Attic makes no bones about it. They love King Diamond.

The Invocation comes after having released a self-financed CD a couple of years ago. The production is crystal clear and the songs are allowed to shine in all their glory. The songs themselves are pretty strong with a few highlights like Join the Coven and Funeral in the Woods, but the main question behind this band is what can the longevity of a band with no identity of its own? I applaud them for a release that is solid and rocking and I cannot fault them for loving King Diamond and Mercyful Fate. Both of those acts are seminal acts in metal.

It is really hard to review an album that is basically a revival of another act, but for fans of King Diamond and Mercyful Fate, you will enjoy this. I know that I am having a great time with this album, but it will never make me forget Melissa or Abigail.

The Invocation Track Listing:
01. The Hidden Grave
02. Funeral In The Woods
03. Join The Coven
04. Edlyn
05. Ghost Of The Orphanage
06. In The Chapel
07. The Invocation
08. The Headless Horseman
09. Satan’s Bride
10. Evil Inheritance

Attic Line-up:
Meister Cagliostro – Vocals
Katte – Guitar
Rob – Guitar
Chris – Bass