Metal Review: Agony Lords – A Tomb For the Haunted (2012)

Agony Lords - A Tomb For the Haunted (2012)A Tomb For the Haunted, the long-awaited release from Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico melodic death metal band Agony Lords is ready for us all, and its ambitious attempt seems to be to make a statement about Agony Lords who have not released a studio album since 1999. With their sound firmly rooted in melodic death metal merging with elements of thrash metal, A Tomb For the Haunted is a release to be taken seriously.

The highlight of their third album, A Tomb For the Haunted, is easily the tone of the band’s sound, but the standout song is The Spirit in the Tower with its riffs that will blow you away. Agony Lords’ sound is quite diverse with the majority of riffs being thrash-style riffs. Do not be fooled though. The solo work is also very sharp by the team of Mauricio Barami and Jorge.

Overall, A Tomb For the Haunted is a very easy listen that is quite enjoyable. The part that needs the most help would be the vocals, but they are serviceable for this release. I would recommend this album to melodic death metal and thrash metal fans alike.

A Tomb For the Haunted Track Listing:
01. Enter the Mausoleum
02. Raising the Occult
03. Dead Eyes
04. The Spirit in the Tower
05. Emily
06. Witches Board
07. Writer of the Dead
08. The Phantom Book
09. The Tree Of The Hanged
10. A Tomb For the Haunted
11. Torture Never Stops (W.A.S.P.) (limited-edition exclusive bonus track)

Agony Lords Line-up:
Lord Brave – Vocals (Souls on Fire, ex-A Perpetual Dying Mirror, ex-Ripping Flesh)
Mauricio Barami – Guitars (ex-La Mansión)
Jorge – Guitars (Souls on Fire)
Oscar Lopez – Bass (Souls on Fire)
Oscar Pi̱on РDrums (Souls on Fire, ex-Ripping Flesh)