Metal Review: Adorned Brood – Kuningaz (2012)

Adorned Brood - Kuningaz (2012)German folk / black metal band ADORNED BROOD is back with their seventh album, Kuningaz. With the release of their latest effort, ADORNED BROOD is back up to their old tricks of trying to keep the listener off guard with their unusual mix of genres and tones, a lot of the time within the same track.

While ADORNED BROOD is very talented and Kuningaz is an ambitious attempt, I know that I am not going to get too much out of this one. The album feels strained at times because of the merging of too many styles that would have been better off left in solitude. That is not a knock on the entirety of the album though, because someone out there is absolutely loving this album.

The highlights of the album are party songs like Men!, which is amazingly catchy and do their best rendition of a metal party song leaving the listening wanting to grab their steins and party with there metal brethren.

The CD was recorded at the Kohlekeller Studio in Seeheim-Jugenheim, Germany with producer Kai Stahlenberg. Guest musicians on the album include Mario Pontigo, Moritz “Mo” Stübing (ALL WILL KNOW) and Florian “Blutaxt” Tamm (BLACK UNICORN). The cover artwork for the CD was created by Kris Verwimp (ABSU, MELECHESH, SUIDAKRA).

Kuningaz Track Listing:
01 – Einkehr
02 – Kuningaz
03 – Call of the Wild
04 – Victory or Valhall
05 – Hugin
06 – Men!
07 – Kreuzeslast
08 – Just a Fight
09 – Munin
10 – A War Poem
11 – We Are Legion

Adorned Brood Line-up
Frost – vocals, bass
Niklas Enns – keyboards
Thorsten Derks – guitar
Jan Jansohn – guitar
Anne – flute
Mischa – drums