Metal Review: 3rd Machine – The Egotiator (2012)

3rd Machine - The Egotiator (2012)From having a little experience already with Dutch metal band 3rd Machine, I knew that they could rock, but from receiving a copy of their latest EP, The Egotiator, I just never realized how much they rocked. This is an extremely dynamic band with riffs to rival any metal band and solos that any guitar virtuoso could appreciate.

First off, let me point out the main weakness of The Egotiator – only 3 tracks. I am dying for more. On a serious note though, I would put this 3 song EP up there with any full-length release put out this year. It is that good.

The title track, The Egotiator, opens up with a very strong opening mentioning Andrew Jackson and his message to his enemies. After that brief intro, we are led into the track with some strong riff work and very powerful lyrics. You are also treated to some artful lead work which only gets stronger as the album goes on.

Ditch the Hollow is another hyper-melodic track that hits on all cylinders along with ramping up the speed a little. The leads get stronger and the band seems to have strengthened once again.

The final track, Void of Fate, opened up innocently enough, but then opened the floodgates and shows that they can play at varying speeds and intensity. Void of Fate is simply crushing from the core of its song, but then introduces even more depth with the melodic break section.

From beginning to end, 3rd Machine proves itself to be a serious contender with The Egotiator, and this is only an EP. Grab yourself a copy and hope and pray we get more from 3rd Machine soon.

The Egotiator Track Listing:
1.     The Egotiator
2.     Ditch the Hollow
3.     Void of Fate