Metal Interview – Retaliatory Measures

RETALIATORY MEASURESI had the pleasure of conducting an email interview with the dynamic Finnish death metal / thrash metal band RETALIATORY MEASURES. Check it out below and check out the review of Withdrawal Syndromes.

First off, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. I was blown away by “Withdrawal Syndromes” and that does not happen to me that often.
Kalle: Thank you very much! We put a lot of effort on this one, and it’s very nice to hear that kind of feedback.

Tell us a little about the history of RETALIATORY MEASURES.
Kalle: Me and Pessi got blown away when Mastodon’s Crack the skye came
out in 2009, and that was the initial reason why we started to build
this band. If you put it simply, we wanted to do something that was
little different.

Finland is one of the major hubs of metal. Do you find it hard for a new band to stand out?
Kalle: It’s quite hard, because there are so many great metalbands in
here. But that makes the good bands even better!

I find it hard to classify “Withdrawal Syndromes.” It has elements of Bay Area thrash along with technical death metal and even more. If you had to put yourselves into a genre, what would it be?
Kalle: The record label says that we are modern thrash/death with
progressive influences, but I think we are quite far from both. But that
is just my opinion. We have a lot of thrashy riffs, but in the other
hand, Pessi’s vocals are pretty pure death metal. So It’s kind of hard
for us too to classify ourselves.

How has the reception of “Withdrawal Syndromes” been so far?
Kalle: The reception has been surprisingly good so far. And there has
been only few “bad” reviews.

Did you include any of the tracks from the “MMX” EP onto “Withdrawal Syndromes?”
Kalle: Existence. I would not have wanted to it be on the record, but
the other guys did. I would have had all the songs to be new, but
democracy bit me there.

What are your favorite tracks from “Withdrawal Syndromes?”
Kalle: The Offering. I composed that one with the idea of “THE Morning
Starter”. The idea was to create something similar to Pantera’s Great
Southern Trendkill. That was my wakeup-song for many years. And I also
enjoy playing “Withdraw” a lot.

Do you have any left over material for the next records?
Kalle: Some riffs and ideas.

What are your tour plans?
Kalle: Something like 10-15 gigs in Finland during the beginning of
2013. And something has been going on for some gigs outside Finland.

Who would be your dream band to tour with?
Kalle: The Original Sepultura

What are some of the bands that influenced you?
Kalle: Mastodon of course in the beginning and recently I’ve been
influenced by artists such as Ihsahn, Jeff Loomis and Joe Satriani. With
the other guys it varies a lot, from soft rock to extreme Black Metal.

Who are some of the musicians that influenced you?
Kalle: I really like the new albums of Ihsahn, Jeff Loomis and Joe

Do you think the Internet makes it easy for bands or harder because all of the piracy going on?
Kalle: I think that internet downloading is similar to the thing when
your friend copied your LP to cassette and listened to it. If your
friend liked it, he/she bought the record. That is what I’ve done, every
record I have liked or listened a lot to, I have bought.

Any last thoughts that you would like to leave your fans with?
Trying is the first step towards failure.  -H.J.S.