Enslaved DVD in the Works

EnslavedNorwegian progressive metal giants Enslaved have announced that they are preparing the release of a new live DVD, or “concert movie” as they prefer to call it. The DVD will contain 24 songs with material from all of their releases.

The band explains their plans: “…and there we started the process of making a new live-DVD. Or perhaps ‘concert movie’ would be a more appropriate title for this undergoing. We’ve gone to some lengths to keep this under wraps for as long as possible; and now we’re more or less ready to go. We will record two full sets containing material from all our releases – there will be a total of 24 songs (matching the number of the Futhark, by the way-ish), including some very special and long asked-for treats for our fans. There will be glimpses into the world of Enslaved between the songs that will help create a unique musical experience caught on film. The site of the recording is ABC Studios in Etne, appropriately located in the house of the old school…”