Dream Concert Setlist: Pantera

PanteraThis was another one of those nearly impossible dream concert setlists. For this concert, we are picking Texas’ monster band Pantera. We all know how they revolutionized metal for years to come. We all know how hard they worked to get where they did, and they would not be held on that pedestal if they work ethic was not what it was and if their live shows were not that good. You know the rules – 15 songs and 3 encores. Let’s get to it.

Pantera Dream Concert Setlist:
Throes of Rejection
Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks
Revolution Is My Name
Where You Come From
The Underground in America
Shedding Skin
5 Minutes Alone
13 Steps to Nowhere
Medicine Man
No Good (Attack the Radical)
Suicide Note Pts. I & II
Planet Caravan

Mouth for War
Fucking Hostile
Cowboys from Hell

I know that people will note that there are some odd songs on this setlist. I like a lot of Pantera songs that are out of the norm. I was a fan of Pantera before Cowboys From Hell, so I was there from their true inception.

The concert opens up with one of my favorite songs – Throes of Rejection. The opening is unreal and the song just gets stronger and stronger. We hit a bunch of tracks that will just get the crowd rowdy and then throw the curve balls their way with songs like Medicine Man and No Good (Attack the Radical). I cheated a little bit by choosing both parts of Suicide Note, but after the chaos that is Suicide Note Pt. II, we slow things down completely with one of the most atmospheric songs ever recorded – Pantera’s version of Black Sabbath’s Planet Caravan.

For the encores, we go old school and bring back selections from their early albums, the last two of which are crowd favorites.