Dream Concert Setlist: Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy OsbourneAs with the previous dream concert setlist for Dio, we are only focusing on Ozzy Osbourne’s solo career – not Black Sabbath. The rules are simple – 15 songs and 3 encores. Below the setlist, I will offer some explanation as to why I picked certain songs and why they were placed where they were.

Ozzy Osbourne Dream Concert Setlist:
Diary of a Madman
No More Tears
Steal Away (The Night)
Over the Mountain
Perry Mason
Suicide Solution
Revelation (Mother Earth)
Mama, I’m Coming Home
You Can’t Kill Rock and Roll
Mr. Crowley
Flying High Again
Shot in the Dark
Miracle Man
I Don’t Know

Bark at the Moon
Crazy Train

This list was a little easier than previous lists actually. I figured that it would be a little harder. I did not have to rule out too many songs on this one. Some keys things to note. Diary of a Madman needs to open the show. That is the song that everyone always wants to hear which he never plays. We then break into some of my favorite Ozzy songs including No More Tears, Steal Away (The Night) and Over the Mountain. We sprinkle the rest of the songs to try and keep like-minded songs together and close out the regular set with one he normally opens with.

The main reason for making Hellraiser as the first encore is because I have this warped dream that he would call out Motorhead’s Lemmy to perform the song with him. After that, we have two of his most rocking classics, the closer being Crazy Train since just about everyone and their mother knows that one now.