Dream Concert Setlist: Megadeth

MegadethThis was a tough list to put together. I thought that it would be a little easier than some of the others that I have done, but it still presented a lot of the same challenges with Megadeth’s dream concert setlist. I ended up having to leave out a lot more songs that I would have liked to. The rules remain the same though – 15 songs and 3 encores.

Megadeth Dream Concert Setlist:
Set the World Afire
Mary Jane
Tornado of Souls
À Tout le Monde (Set Me Free) (featuring Cristina Scabbia)
44 Minutes
This Was My Life
Skull Beneath the Skin
Rust in Peace… Polaris
Bad Omen
My Last Words
The Conjuring
In My Darkest Hour
Wake Up Dead
Holy Wars… The Punishment Due

Good Mourning/Black Friday
Symphony of Destruction
Peace Sells

Here is some of my reasoning behind the placement of some of these songs. You need to ramp the crowd up right from the beginning of the show and there are not too many strong that have a strong beginning as Trust does. Once the song kicks in, you are moving around and rocking.

There are probably a few oddities in here that people would question as well, the first being À Tout le Monde (Set Me Free) (featuring Cristina Scabbia) instead of the regular version. Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia has an amazing voice and she hits some massive notes on this version. Plus a little eye candy never hurt anyone.

People may question Mary Jane, but I love that song. It was my favorite Megadeth track for years when I was younger and I used to always wear my Mary Jane shirt, so it meant a lot to me. 44 Minutes is probably a little questionable to most being the newest track on this list. This is a very underrated song.

Also, you may notice the heavy selection from Peace Sells. That was not by accident. That album still remains an amazing album even after all of these years.

The encores are pretty simple. Black Friday is one of their greatest songs, and we will probably never hear it live again because of Dave Mustaine being reborn. The lyrical content is pretty extreme. The final two songs, Symphony of Destruction and Peace Sells are simply hear because the crowd reacts amazingly to these songs.