Wrestling Review-Breaking Kayfabe with Lanny Poffo

Breaking Kayfabe is back this month with Lanny Poffo. If you are not familiar with what Breaking Kayfabe is, let me help you out a little. Sean Oliver is hands down the best interviewer on the shoot wrestling interview circuit and he sits down with a private intimate one on one chat about someone’s life and personal issues. What sets this apart from the other shoot interviews is this respects the people in the hot seat and does not try to make the host look smarter or better than the interviewee. If you are not familiar with who Lanny Poffo is he is part of the Poffo wrestling family, whose dad Angelo had a decent career and his brother everyone will know is “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and Lanny himself was the poet laureate of the WWF in the 80’s as well as the “Genius” and even before that he was “Leaping” Lanny. I will be honest of all the Breaking Kayfabe’s I have seen so far, this is my favorite. Where the New Jack one felt like he was trying to work the fans, and pile it on too thick and the X Pac Waltman one was just so laid back, that when he did get emotional, it lacked the bite it needed. Now do not get me wrong, I enjoyed both of those and would recommend fans who love all the behind the scenes scoops to check out both, but seek this one out first.

Sean does not hold back any questions, and the questions range from the rumors of his brother to the odd questions like can Lanny suck his own man junk. Lanny while I was worried would not come across as someone who could hold your attention for 97 minutes, really came across well and at times he let his emotions get the best of him, which is always recommended to let the subject react and show that things do get to them. The majority of the talk was about Macho Man, which I did not mind because you talk about someone who the world would want to hear a “shoot” interview with, Macho Man and Vince McMahon would have to be the top two picks. Lanny goes into the most oddest of stories from stories on why he never uses toilet paper, to why he started putting his own manhood in his mouth. And, you would think it would be unsettling or even gross but Lanny tells it in a way that you will laugh and think the man has lost his mind.

There is also a cool little touch to this, when Lanny has his mom with him, and they talk about why Macho Man is not in the WWE Hall of Fame, which a lot of people including me have heard so many stories and so called inside scoops as to why, but to hear it from the horse’s mouth and to see how it affects him, was really a touching moment. Lanny tells a ton of stories from his dislike of the late Bam Bam Bigelow to why Macho Man jumped ship to go to WCW. While it seems at times, Lanny comes across as bitter other times he comes across as thankful. Lanny seems to change his mood by the question, and at times you can tell that Lanny did not want this interview to end. There are some little touches that were odd, epically in a sequence when Oliver and Lanny started singing show tunes to each other. But, I really enjoyed hearing from one of the 80’s unsung heroes. Lanny seems to really have a mind for the business, and I would have loved this to be longer and just go youshoot with the Ho Bag and Dick Bag, you talk about someone who wanted to shoot and shoot a lot, Lanny would have dished so much more if given the chance.

All in all, this is a must watch for all old school fans and Macho Man fans, well Lanny fans as well. To hear Lanny tell stories how fans posted death threats to him for holding Macho Man from going into the Hall of Fame really pulls back the curtain on this business. Sean seems though at one part to light the Lanny fire that really had this interview going, when he asked about Macho Man being overprotective of Liz. You could tell Lanny wanted to just go off harder than he did, and god was that gold. I had to replay that scene again because I could not believe Lanny had the balls to answer the question the way he did, bravo. All in all, Kayfabe Commentaries are amazing and if Sean Oliver and his staff are behind it, you know you are in for a treat. This is another great entry into their library of material.

8.5 out of 10