TNA Turning Point 2012 analysis and predictions

This weekend is TNA’s Turning Point PPV, and I will be honest this looks like a very strong PPV. Right now, the wrestling world is drowning in so much WWE product, that I feel TNA suffers by association. If TNA ever thought about making a serious run with this, it would be now. Trust me past December, they are dead in the water because it is Wrestlemania time and no one can compete on that level. I feel the live shows are a big step up, but I feel that while WWE has mimicked some of the storylines in TNA that TNA should not return fire and have their top star seem like a copycat. This PPV to me has the makings of something that turns this company around in a good way. Let’s review and make some predictions.

Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries in a ladder match for the TNA Title.
Finally they build a match up the right way. I can give a damn who tells me about TNA feeling like the bush leagues, no one can deny that they did not do this match right. Last month, these two gave the match of a lifetime and this month to add ladders to two people who will kill themselves to pop a crowd really ups the ante. That being said, I am not a fan of the CM Punk feel Aries has adopted. But, make no mistake when motivated these two could wrestle a broom and make it a 5 star classic. This will be the match to see. Now who will win and lose is hard. No one gets damaged in losing a match like this, because no one has to be pinned or looks weak. I know next month is the last show of their year and you know it will be another match with these two for the title. I know Hardy is on the way out, he has stated to anyone who will give him the time that he wants to go home and be a father, and Aries is their man to keep the main event picture exciting. This is a blind pick; cause I think either could win or lose.
Winner and New Champ-Austin Aries..I know I am going to lose this and Hardy retains, but my gut tells me different.

-A.J. Styles vs. Bobby Roode vs. James Storm in a No. 1 contender’s match with an additional stipulation.
This is the first TNA PPV in a long time, that the main event is solid but the match to lead into it is more solid. If there was no other way to watch this show, this is the match that I would want to see live how it goes down. These are three wrestlers who can go, and have to be the elite of TNA that compete on the level that could rival the major stars of WWE. You just feel it is James Storm time once again; last year he had that one week title reign to set up the long reign of Bobby Roode and that year feud that gave TNA some great matches. So the smart money is that Storm wins, now the loser who gets the pin on them does not get a title shot for one year. Roode is not going to get another run right now, but I just feel A.J who has been their main star since the doors open a decade plus ago, is the one who would be the odd one out and that is sad because he has always been in the picture since day one for the title. Another blind pick that I know I will be off.
The Winner-James Storm….The Loser who gets pinned-Bobby Roode

-Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian for the TNA Tag Titles.
I will say Daniels and Kaz are my favorite tag team right now in all of wrestling. Even better than the over saturated Team Hell No, and this match should really be another one worth seeing. Like Bryan made Kane shine, Daniels has done wonders for Kaz and gave him a personality. Daniels when given something to work with always competes on a level that takes the sport to new highs. Anyone remember the Ultimate X match a few years back that Kaz Suicide and Daniels were fighting from the top of the X and they both fell backward? That was the scariest moment ever in any wrestling match; (along with my boy Jack Evans falling off the Cage of Death and hitting the cement, Angel in any hardcore match and Lufisto getting her jaw broke in two places when Necro Butcher punched her in the face twice.) and showed that these two together are insane and love this sport a lot. I hate the team of Chavo and Hernandez, and I think that Chavo is flat and not worth half or even 1/3 of his price tag. But, as a boss you have to expand your product, and right now the Latino market is thriving and that is where TNA is trying to get their foot in the door. I want Daniels and Kaz to win, just for the skits and fun. But, I think they will keep this selling to the Latino market phase going, why not hire back Homicide and do the true LAX?
Winners and still champs-Team Stereotypical Mexican

-Samoa Joe vs. Magnus for the TNA TV Title in a No DQ match.
I am blown away at the series these two are having. Joe has recaptured his fire and looks like a star again. It only took 3 years to wipe off that shit that they put him thru. But, this is what wrestling calls building time. They want Magnus to be their next home-grown talent. You can tell they are investing a lot in this guy to really be their star, and he has shined with a man I feel is the best wrestler in pro wrestling Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe is a man who did 90 minute matches with CM Punk and hour matches, and also went in classics with Bryan Danielson aka Daniel Bryan. I just do not want this fire in Joe to end, but I think TNA is looking at the next year ahead and they want to go into new directions and already had the lackluster Joe title run when he was their man. Again, this is another one that my head says one thing and my gut another.
Winner and new Champion-Magnus

-Devon vs. Kurt Angle.
You have a talent like Kurt for a high 6 figure salary and this is what he is reduced to? Devon is Devon no matter how you package him. This match has been done for over 12 years and I think this time the only thing that could put interest in this is when Bubba Ray finally goes into this heel turn that is coming, and reveals he is the leader to Aces and Eights. I have no interest in this match and whoever wins congrats and keep on cashing those big checks being yesterday talents who do nothing to help the current product.
Winner-Kurt Angle

-Rob Van Dam vs. Joey Ryan for the X Division Title.
Rob Van Dam is that name that people love for his past more than anything he has done in the last decade. Ask a RVD fan to name 5 good matches he had in TNA, and be prepared to wait for a while. I am a Joey Ryan fan; he is part of a local California indie scene that has really busted their asses in the last 13 years to get noticed. This scene started a wave that started promotions like XPW and others in 1999 and showed that these guys would do anything and I mean anything to get noticed. When you get a 150 pound man who is 5’6 and he falls 50 feet onto a table that gets destroyed upon landing, and he only gets 50.00 at best for this, you tell me that these guys would not kill themselves to get noticed. Joey is part of this scene that will do anything to make it, no matter what. Joey has gave up a lot and for him to be in TNA is his break, and to see Joey on this stage is really inspirational. I just think they need to put the title on the guy and let him have a shot like Aries who made a huge comeback with the rub. It hurts no one that RVD loses; he jobs all the time anyway.
Winner and new TNA X division champ-Joey Ryan

-Tara and Jesse vs. ODB and Eric Young.
Eric Young has put in his notice and this is going to be one of his last matches, all I have to say is thank god. How did he keep a job all these years? Now, when he had that damn cowbell during the Mickie James concert a few years back it was awesome and the funniest damn thing I ever witnessed on any wrestling show. Though, he ripped off SNL but it still was funny. I crush hard on Tara, and she is an Italian, even better. Even Stevie Wonder sees this match going down as Jesse getting pinned by Eric and we are done with him once and for all.
Winners-ODB and Eric Young

-DOC (formerly Luke Gallows) vs. Joseph Park.
Luke Gallows wins, what does Abyss Park have to get out of a win? Anyone want to tell me how bad this Aces and Eights crap is? Talk about a good idea that seems to go now into a same old situation that TNA always find them in. This is now 5 months old, and all we have so far in terms of members is Devon and Luke Gallows, and Gallows only signed a month ago so he was not an original member. I love mystery stuff do not get me wrong, but when it goes almost half a year, is when I think even they have no clue what to do with the mystery. I know they are working on contracts with Morrison, Carlito and this person and that person, but fuck why keep this going if you have got the people in the masks you want yet? Oh look, it is Jeff Jarrett again and he looked like not any of them in the weeks leading up to this. This card is so solid, that I feel they should have signed a better undercard. You got the Beautiful People back; fuck put them in a match. You got Matt Morgan, you got Kenny King from ROH, who did bad business with them and you did not capitalize on it. Kenny King pulled a Rude and no one knew that he was on two shows in two weeks. That would have been gold to draw attention to that, DJ Hyde is fucking up CZW to all ends and Cornette has destroyed ROH, why not do an invasion angle with them and ROH?
A personal note to DJ Hyde Mr CZW Supertar from me, you should take the hand that tries to save you from drowning. Now who wants to see James DePaolo vs DJ Hyde in CZW Cage of Death 14? No offense but if I knew James DePaolo was going to get killed and beat up to all ends, I would pay top dollar for that.