The Top 10 Most Influential Records –Def Con One

I love it when magazines always ask artists or bands things like what influenced you, or what music do you recommend. It gives people a chance to get really personal and shed light on what makes them fans and what makes them tick. After listening to the Def Con One record, I knew that this band could be a very big deal very soon for music, as will you when you listen to what they have to offer.

Johnnys top 10.

1. Pantera – The Great Southern Trendkill
2. Slipknot – Iowa
3. Stuck Mojo – Declaration of a Headhunter
4. Metallica – Metallica
5. Pearl Jam -Ten
6. Sevendust – Home
7. Faith No More – Album of the Year
8. Alice in Chains – Dirt
9. Godsmack – Awake
10. Pantera – Cowboys from Hell

Daveys top 10

1.Pantera – Vulgar Display of Power
2. Alice in Chains – Dirt
3.Killing Joke – Killing Joke
4.Adam and the Ants – Kings of the Wild Frontier
5.Skid Row – Skid Row
6.Y and T – Earthshaker
7.Black Sabbath – Sabotage
8.Gary Numan – The Pleasure Principle
9.LA Guns – Cocked and Loaded
10.Paul Young – No Parlez

Steves top 10

1. Never mind the bollocks – sex pistols
2. Vulgar display of power – pantera
3. The real thing – faith no more
4. Scratch the surface – sick of it all
5. State of the world address – biohazard
6. And out come the wolves – rancid
7. Damned damned damned – the damned
8. Slipknot – slipknot
9. Far beyond driven – pantera
10. Burn my eyes – machine head

Anttons top 10

Van Halen- 1
AC/DC-If you want blood
Kiss-Alive 2
Pantera- Far Beyond Driven
Shotgun Messiah- Violent New Breed
Fight-War of words.
Racer X-Second Heat
Motley Crue-Motley Crue
Gino Vanelli-Brother to Brother

Another mention of Shotgun Messiah Violent New Breed, you cannot go wrong with that. I may need to email Relativity Records and see if they are going to get that deluxe version out for the 20 year anniversary next year. Tim Skold would be proud…Seek out Def Con One’s amazing new cd, at fine music outlets everywhere and also Violent New Breed from Shotgun Messiah, and maybe Gino Vanelli? Who knows…in case you did not know he had a small hit in the 80’s called Living Inside Myself.

  • Well a bonus, Def Con One’s friends Ash The Sky decided to drop by and throw a list…check out their debut ep and get ready for some really awesome metal..This is Mike

    my 1-10

    1.master of puppets-metallica
    2. south of heaven-slayer
    3. screaming for vengence-judas priest
    4.crimson glory-crimson glory
    5. twisted into form-forbidden
    6.practice what you preach-testament the gates-slaughter of the soul
    8.piece of mind-iron maiden
    9.whoracle-in flames
    10. stabbing the drama-soilwork