The Dead Matter” available at RedBox – we need your support!

The Dead Matter is now available at RedBox locations nationwide, but only for a limited time! If you, or someone you know, has not seen the movie yet, at only $1.29, now is a great time – and it will help the film! The Dead Matter is a fun, story-driven, 80s-style horror film directed and scored by Midnight Syndicate’s Edward Douglas and stars Tom Savini, Andrew Divoff, and Jason Carter. Visit The Dead Matter website for reviews, trailers, and more information! The film is also currently available on iTunes, Amazon, and On-Demand.

Would you like to see The Dead Matter on Netflix? If you have a subscription to Netflix’s DVD service, you can SAVE The Dead Matter TO YOUR QUEUE (simply do a search for The Dead Matter). Again you must have the DVD service or the DVD and streaming service in order to do this.

Midnight Syndicate updates coming soon!

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