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AVENUE X was formed OCTOBER 2011 in the shadows of the Skyscrapers of NEW YORK CITY.
It was purely by chance that the two founding members of AVENUE X (Dionna Cole and Marzio Dal Monte) had met. The award winning songwriter, Lead singer, and guitarist for AVENUE X Dionna Cole had been making a name for herself as a Rocker N’ Roller, and as an actress by performing in some of Manhattan’s hottest night clubs, and from her appearances in Spike Lee’s SUMMER of SAM, and High Times Magazines film POTLUCK.
Bass player Marzio Dal Monte (whose infamous sky diving stunts earned him the reputation as “The Johnny Knoxville of Italy”) is more well known as THE SKY PUNKER in fact his infamy as Sky Punker is known worldwide.
Prior to their meeting, Marzio was working for Marky Ramone (drummer for The Ramones), and Dionna was in the studio writing new songs. The two met on the streets of the East Village just a few short steps from the legendary Punk Rock Club CBGB’s.
The two rockers quickly fell in love and knew immediately that they were destined to be the “rockinest,” couple since Sonny & Cher, John & Yoko, Sid & Nancy.

The Punk couple soon discovered that they shared a love of music, and it wasn’t long before the dynamic duo was jamming together in more ways than one. During one of these rehearsals drummer Marky Ramone dropped by.
Marky became extremely enthusiastic of the powerful sound these two musicians were making. He was inspired by the authenticity of their music. “This music that Dionna is playing is outrageous. Her voice is outrageous.. It all comes down to the songs. The lyrical content, the energy, is it going to be memorable in ten, or twenty years? These songs to me are.” Marky wanted to be involved in the music of AVENUE X, and quickly joined the duo for their first musical project.
Now playing as a threesome Avenue X began work on 2 original songs, and a punk rock version of BLUE MOON OF KENTUCKY. Marky brought the newly formed band to Brooklyn’s RUBBER TRACKS STUDIO (which is sponsored by Converse).The result of these recording sessions is mini CD featuring the band at its inception.
The 3 friends had spent a lot of their spare time on the shores of Coney Island. They wined, and dined each other in the café’s located near Avenue X. it was there that they chose their name. AVENUEX
The debut mini cd was released on November 15, 2011. One week later, on November 2011, Marzio and Dionna got married at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall with the blessing of their witness, and best man Marky Ramone. Wearing a Vivienne Westwood suit, Marky presented the two lovers with their wedding rings, and three generations of punk Rock were united.
AVENUE X was approached by the Italian based distributor GOOD FELLAS that released The mini cd that is also worldwide available on EVERY digital store. The Mini CD was released on January 15, 2012 and immediately became a huge success.
The first European tour of the band with the new drummer Bingo Bongo was an incredible success: more than 36 shows in less than 4 months, including big festival as Summer Jamboree in Italy ( with an audience of more than 60.000 persons. On the first European tour (April-August 2012) the band reached an audience of hundreds of thousand people, and played in biggest and famous venues as Vidia Rock (Cesena), Il Faro (Catania), Audiodrome (Torino), Angelomai (Roma), Viper (Paris), Rock Haus (Berlin) and on the main stage in big festival as Summer Jamboree and Bad Taste, where in front of 80.000 people Avenue X closed for Sick of it All, Municipal Waste, Unearth.

At the same time, Avenue X starts to have the attention of Televisions and Radios, performed on Italian ROCK TV and won the final at HEINEKEN JAMMIN FESTIVAL CONTEST, where they went straight to the top ten among more than 6.000 bands signed.
In October, 2012, Dionna’s AVENUE X releases their debut album, recorded at Massive Arts Studios in MILANO, Italy, and The best European Studio. A really various album with 12 songs written by Dionna Dal Monte: singer, lead and rhytm guitar player. The first song, “Tonight”, is built on three chords three, on which Dionna plays the card of riot girl modulating her voice in a manner similar to Courtney Love. Do not expect a copy of the Hole, though: the text is the most outrageous heard rock song since “Tie Your Mother Down”, and the amusing video helps underline the ambiguity of the situation. However, even with the second track the Avenue X shuffle the cards presenting “The Devil’s Wall”, Dionna duetting with The special guest Steve Sylvester, of European famous horror rock Band DEATH S.S. The rest of the album moves between direct songs like “You gotta go … TS” and “Aliens”, the single “You mean everything to me,” little punk flavor and very close to alternative college radio, including rhythmic faces to enhance the voice of Dionna as “Save Me” and “I’m Sorry”, the flavor of the ’90s. “Never trust a junkie” and the blues of “Crazy”. The album has the participation of Mr. Lucky Luciano (The Good Fellas) on double bass in two songs, from blues sugary led by the piano of “Come home,” in which the performance broken by tears in the last verse is worthy of an actress In a film, and the final track, the wild rockabilly “Fourtwenty 24/7”
The album became immediately a huge success in Europe underground scene and not only: in few weeks BIG networks like VIRGIN RADIO start to’ play in heavy rotation songs taken from The album, and The Band is called in Europe again for another tour, bigger and more important, that is currently riding ITALY, FRANCE, SPAIN, ENGLAND, GERMANY and RUSSIA. Several European TV stations Are starting to’ trasmitt The videos of The Band, especially TONIGHT and YOU MEAN EVERYTHING TO’ ME, and The first song has been chosen for an EMI/VIRGIN compilation spread all over Europe in more than 50.000 copies.

The Band is currently under The label M.O.B. DAL MONTE, an independent label owned by Marzio Dal Monte, and has also a physic distribution with GOOD FELLAS in Italy. Dionna’s AVENUE X Will be’ on tour for The NeXT months, and Will come back to’ tour USA in The Summer 2013.
The album is worldwide available on EVERY digital store.

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