Music Triple Shot Review-Brutal Panda Records latest bands Norska-Ladder Devils and Whores

Review-This self-titled debut 5 song ep features member of YOB. This is sludge metal at its best. It is really easy to get into this cd and band, they just hit you so hard with opening track Amnesia that you cannot seem to turn it off or stop listening. This is a band that thrives on passion, compelling vocals and a band that sounds like it is just ready to give sludge metal a run for its money. This band seems inspired by bands like Will Haven, Gojira, and even old school Dillinger. This is a band that is all about being very atmospheric and also making both the riffs and vocals seem larger than life. The next track Nobody One Knows showcases what this band is capable of, and it comes across as something you would expect if Neurosis hooked up with Opeth. This is progressive as all fuck, and uses grooves not so much to get you hooked into the song but to make the sound just come across as something that will throw fans off and yet have them excited about what direction the song will take. The other track I wanted to talk about that really hit the nail on the head as to what this band can create is Cholera song 4; I just love the riffs with the vocals that just draw me into the song and grab me by my throat and make sure I am listening. When I say sludge metal people are going to think this is going to be screams and fuzzy riffs, which it is but there is just so much more to this record. The other two songs I did not mention are the two experimental songs one goes for about 13 plus minutes and has so many things to recommend, the song just comes across as epic. And the last song runs almost 10 minutes and it was fair, it was sort of a letdown as to the rest of the cd, that is not saying it is anyway a bad song, it was ok but I sort of expected this cd would have wanted to end on a brutal scream, not this way.

I know fans of YOB would like this release, a non-fan I can see maybe getting into, if they heard any of the 5 songs. This is a band that you hear a part of, you want to hear more. As far as first impressions, I really dig this band and I think anything sludge metal cannot be bad.

8 out of 10

1.Kids Get Meaner
2.I Have A Name
3.Good Enough Methodology
4.Limited Too
5.Get OK
6.Divorce Drugs
7.Common Dogs

Review-Ladder Devils one thing is for sure, they are loud, very obnoxious and very inspired by the grunge scene. This cd would sound very well in-between Tad 8 Way Santa and Mudhoney Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge. This is a band that really is driven and very passionate, and each song seems louder than the last one. The last 5 song of the 9 tracks appeared on their 2010 EP Forget English, and the Devils put 4 shorter to the point songs on this as well from a recording session that happened around a year ago. I liked the second half of the cd better, than the first half. The first half was all over the place in terms of sound and direction, and it started to bore me at times because the vocals just seem so one dimensional, the guy has screaming down pat and he has the grunge influence down pat. The second half of the record, felt looser more like the band just played more from their hearts, then trying to just put out something and say it is music. It was not the mess the first four songs were, like the band was just in a relaxed space and could put out music it wanted to, the first part felt like the band put out music it had to. This band while not overly original, seem like a band to listen to when you want to blow off some steam. This is a band whose attack is so all over the place, and the style they seem to have if harnessed and finessed a little more could really be something special.

This cd is a work in progress, the band shows some promise while at times they just really seem to be so all over the place and that the vocals are just thrown together and hope that they fit. Everyone has to start from somewhere; hopefully this band gets some confidence from playing live or from other critics who are not familiar with a scene in the 90’s from Seattle and praise them, that they can truly use it on the next trip to the studio.

4 out of 10

1. Daddy’s Money
2. Fake Life
3. Shower Time
4. Straight Down
5. Tell Me Something Scientific

Review-When I saw the name of the band was Whores, um this is not what I was expecting. But, color me shocked this fucking band rocks. This is the project from Jake Shultz of Norma Jean, and this cd is brutal noise rock that will make all hardcore fans excited. I was never a fan of Norma Jean, and I gave them a few chances but I put my judgment to the side because once Daddy’s Money kicked in, you just know you are going to have a fun time with this cd. This band seems heavily influenced by Jesus Lizard, Helmet and Quicksand. The riffs on this cd with the bone chilling screams will get your attention and keep it. This is 5 songs that go about 20 minutes but make no mistake about it, this band hits you hard right from the get go and does not let up. Ruiner is the shape of music to come from this band, and in each song this band shows people that you are going to see something very exciting in the upcoming year from this band. Fake Life sounds like Silverchair’s bastard brother using Frogstomp riffs and Daniels screams. There is not one song on here that is filler or wasted.

This band puts out some heavy riffs and Christian on vocals switches from angry to mellow with no problem, and this cd has so many catchy hooks and lyrics, that this cd is infectious and will be in my player for a long time to come. I want more from these Whores that is my negative this ep is far too fucking short. This is a band that is too amazing and awesome in what they gave me for me to be happy with less. These are the Whores you have been warned about.

9 out of 10