Music Review-Sacrofago-Decade of Decay

1. The Lost of Innocence
2. Orgy of Flies
3. Hate
4. The God’s Faeces
5. Song for my Death
6. Midnight Queen
7. Screeches from the Silence
8. Piercings
9. Crush, Kill, Destroy
10. Nightmare
11. Rotting
12. I.N.R.I.
13. Desecration of Virgin
14. Recrucify
15. The Black Vomit
16. Satanic Lust
17. Christ’s Death
18. The Anal Rape of God
19. Satanas
20. Third Slaughter

Review-A few of you may not know who Sarcofago, they are an extreme Brazilian metal band who’s music is as legendary as its fighting with other bands. They were formed by Sepultura’s original lead singer Wagner Lamounier. From 1987 to 2000, they released 5 records and 2 eps the last one being in 2000. Now, we have the re-release of their 1996 greatest hits cd. For most of us, Sacrofago releases till this year were pretty rare and hard to find unless you were willing to pay over 25.00. This year, it seems like the whole library is being re-issued and I felt that let’s start with the obvious first choice, a greatest hits compilation. The sound of Sacrofago in simple terms is intense, hard hitting and way before its time. The first thing I noticed about listening to this cd that every stage and facet of this band is properly showcased and for new fans, each song whets your appetite for maybe wanting to delve deeper into this band and their history and seeking out the cds these songs were from.

Before saying anything else, I just want to say that this cd is a must own. For fans of bands like early Sepultura, Venom, Slayer, Laaz Rockit, and any 80’s thrash metal band, this cd would be awesome for you to wrap your ears around and really just get into. The Satanic themes is pretty sprinkled into this sound and songs like Hate sound more like this band wants to fight and piss people off more than entertain, but the song is still awesome nonetheless. This is the one thing about this compilation is that this cd is riff for riff, growl for growl, skin pounding to heavy bass just a great reminder of what the scene once was and is missing so desperately. This is a band that just is so honest in its playing, though the sound at times sounds inspired it is far from sounding like a total copy.

Each song on this cd is a treat and the Satanic Lust demo is awesome, because you get to hear some of the birth of this sub-genre, for you die hard metal fans looking for treasures and old school diamonds, this is an awesome cd and front start to end really is a great metal album that really makes you wish that more metal publications and forms of a voice to metal do not include this band and their work more in their lists.

8.5 out of 10