Music Review-Warrior Soul-Stiff Middle Finger

Review-I am not sure if 2012’s version of Warrior Soul is still the band I was a die-hard fan back in their Geffen record days or it is just another name for Kory Clarke’s second solo outlet. To listen to this cd and call it a Warrior Soul cd is very hard for me. To keep up with Kory Clarke in the last 10 years is virtually impossible, he was in and out of bands within minutes, put out a cd left a band, went to form another, went to join another, did a solo record, put out his version of Warrior Soul and so on and so on. Up to this point, I been loyal and supported the vision, until now. This cd is lazy, uninspired and nothing close to being a Warrior Soul record. Destroy the War Machine the last release a few years back, was just as bad but it had a few songs that really while not capturing the Warrior Soul vibe were decent rock songs at least. This cd is ten songs, one song is on his last solo record, he just re-recorded it and the music is just plain bad. There is only one track on this cd that I felt was even worth mentioning and again it was on his solo record Opium Hotel II and that being Junky Stripper.

Gone is the thought put into writing songs, gone is the message, gone is the all-out rock and inspiring feel of the music and in its place is a bitter man who just puts out crap and wants to rape the legacy of a band that should have been put to rest right after Classics a dozen years ago. I know Kory still holds frustration over Geffen Records not pushing the band more, and that they should have been huge, but this is not the way to thank the fans who stuck with you and fought the fight with you.
I did not mind Kory’s stint with Dirty Rig and thought they put out good music. I thought they were going to release the Dark Riff with Kory singing for Trouble, and that was shelved and Kory quit. The Mob Research cd with Kory and the late Paul Raven was very good. Opium Hotel II was not so much, it was like this cd, and it was uninspired and lazy. Kory is one of those people that try to find a way to click, from going punk rock, to joining an established band, to working with people like Paul Raven and even being rumored to have with Billy Duffy. I think when Nirvana took off, Warrior Soul should have rode that wave, but look at what was going on, they were opening shows for Queensryche that he would get the crowd into almost a riot mood by attacking them, the president, and the soldiers. When you look to a crowd and you are telling people that they are not smart enough to know what is good for them or you just go on stage and read poetry to piss them off, are not ways to tell people to buy your image or cd.

This cd I am know I am supposed to be in critic mode, and be objective but this is a band that I have been a fan of for over 22 years, and supported everything they ummm I meant Kory ever did. I remember getting a Warrior Soul cd and opening it up like a kid at Christmas, and being stoked for days and now it is like how bad he will tarnish the legacy of this band. This leads me to believe what else would Kory do for a dollar? Hopefully this will be the last cd of this Warrior Soul that is not the same Warrior Soul that fans like me loved. I cannot get over how bad this record is, this is the first record I ever listened to that I know one time was too much and I would never listen to it again.

2 out of 10

  • JamesD

    First off, thanks to all of you who responded one who did twice. Jester, um…it is Clarke not Klarke. Kory Clarke, I am honored. First off, to attack me and claim I am not a fan, is your deal. Kory, we had a top ten best debut records ever, your on that list for me, I sent you that link months ago. When your facebook liason, told me how flattered you were and I asked her several times to get you on the site to interview. For me, the positive to blogging is getting to talk about stuff that I am passionate about, music and movies. The negative is getting to know some of the personalities that I put my hard earned money and time into. I once drove 31 hours to go see you live in Detroit. You got on stage and screamed about Check out the New Punk and then went into so many rants, that you decided the fans like me who gave up a lot to be there were worthy of a poetry reading and rants about how you get more pussy than us. I was just happy to be there, and you did not even have the time to come say hello to people who were there cheering for you and wanting to be there. I brought all my magazines and cds, I wanted to get you to sign them. But, you were too rock star to hang out in the club after the gig. So who is who, and I still stuck with you. I was there for the Queensryche tour, when you got on stage and instead of singing Intro to Innerzone, you went on a rant about your hometown and how people get car jacked and beaten with pipes in front of their families. And then went on and on about how the soldiers are dying for nothing. I still cheered you on, and was your fan. I know Salutations from the Ghetto Nation was originally going to be called Pop for the Zero Generation. I know Billy Duffy was supposed to be the original Space Age Playboys guitarist. I know you told Metal Hammer in 1995, that your next WS record would not be available in America, and your die hard fans like me had to pay outrageous import prices to get Space Age Playboys from Music for Nations. Then, a year later it is out in America for half the price. Geffen Records Kory was 18 years ago, do you still think they care about you? Let me email Sonic Youth, and the 100 other bands that got signed and dropped from them and see if they are just as paranoid that Geffen is still out to ruin their careers? I wish life was a mirror for some, to show them what and who they truly are and become. If we were face to face what would you do to your fan Kory? You going to beat me up, because you let down your biggest fan? I like to think of this fight as me arguing with the money I spent. Kory, this is life 101 and it sucks for a lot of us, and sometimes bands like Warrior Soul and artists like Kory Clarke are the words to get us thru. Trust me, Salutations saved my life and still till this day speaks to me. How does that feel Clarke, to threaten someone who says on record that your music saved their life? How does it feel Kory to threaten someone or attack someone who says they made sacrifices to go see you live. it is people like me, who made people like you and that voice you have to attack me, and this is how you truly repay your fans? Hey guys, I have every Kerrang, Metal Hammer, Metal Edge, Creem, Hit Parader, Rock Sound, and etc with Warrior Soul in it. I know Tesla world preimered We Cry Out on Headbangers Ball. You covered Bowie, Costello, Jovi, Scorpions,Joy Division twice, Guns and etc. To think it was an honor to finally talk to Kory after 22 years, but this was not the talk I thought we would have. Thanks so much Mr. Rock Star…My name is James DePaolo for the record…if it even matters to you, just think of me as the person that had to hear what you would say next, and now that I see what you said next, it is sad.

  • jest

    Note: I do not often comment reviews, I only comment reviews who are obviously misguiding the reader on purpose – like this one of JamesD. I was a bit angry/upset when I wrote my first comment, would have put some things more clear now, but english’s not my mother tongue anyway. That Trouble/Dirty Rig stuff in the review wasn’t worth to comment at all for me… had nothing to do with Stiff Middle Finger album. I love the new album!

  • Kory Clarke

    What is the name of this author? You are obviously misinformed. I can tell you my career in the last 10 years and I haven’t stopped working. What have you been doing? Sat there trashing people on internet like me who actually stick their neck out and fight for something and make really good records with meaninglful lyrics. I am Warrior Soul. Do you actually think John Ricco wrote the records? Obviously you do not like me PERSONALLY so stop saying you have been a fan. That is just a disguise to be able to trash me. There is nothing lazy about this record or Destroy the War Machine or any record for that matter. Opium Hotel I and II art Art records, not rock records so obviously you would not understand these.
    You are either an ex Geffen employee that I got fired, or you work in a cubicle in an office with Steve Seabury from Dirty Rig (listening to the latest Manowar LP which you think is awesome) or I fucked your ex wife and now she left you because you’re bald, or you are one of those haters from the upset Trouble camp.
    I spent 3 years in Dirty Rig, 4 years in Trouble and played in Mob Research until Raven died. And before that I did 3 years with Space Age Playboys. How is this jumping in and out of bands? And the weakest record was the Dirty Rig record because I didn’t have control over it. By the way I don’t write my records for fans, I write them for me, so if you don’t like it you can kiss my ass. You are a joke. This is NOT a review at all. So I invite you to any one of my shows on any of these Tours for the new Album and tell me this to my face after you’ve seen how ‘lazy’ I am. At least I am not afraid to sign my letter. Feel Free to contact me anytime. I assume you and your friends are going to go trash me in other forums, you are so predictable. I do not write write bullshit, you do. //Kory Clarke

  • Jester

    Obviously the review jumps on the easy stereo type train, that Kory is the only one left of the Geffen line ups and his conclusion is the album has to sound lazy and uninspired. At that point the review conceals that it was obvious from the very beginning that Kory was the spirit of WS. The review also conceals that Warrior Soul is still standing here in the presence and are still doing what they do best. So maybe Korys stubbornness to spit out his opinions against the cooperate systems, banks and governments who destroy the future of our kids in his usual ways (WS-Music) can be a point of critic – but the review is trying to tell us the contrary : “gone is the message”. Just because the author couldn’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.
    At the end the review gives us the information that this is the first record the critic ever listened to that he knows one time was too much and he won’t ever listen to it again and his final conclusion of all this journalistic work: Klarke is making lazy and uninspired music! The whole review seems to me like a lamenting inability to give let go to the past (maybe of the author himself?). Stiff middle finger is a relevant album in 2012, even though it isn’t the best WS album in history, but the time will show its ranking. For me it’s better written than its predecessor, has varied moods and songs – which always was a trademark of WS So here’s my conclusion: this is an uninspired and lazy review maybe caused by wrong expectations… Stiff middle finger is a very good Warrior Soul album, if you like the band you will surely like this one!