Music Review-The Order of Chaos-Burn These Dreams


Amanda Kiernan – Vocals
John Simon Fallon -Guitars
John Saturley – Guitars
Tim Prevost – Drums

Review-I know when you see the line up what you are thinking,”oh great another female fronted metal band”. And that is exactly what this band wants you to think going into it, because once the music starts going and you hear what they have to offer, you will be very happy you checked them out. The Order of Chaos has been on the scene for almost a decade, and they have released a cd and ep before this, and to me this is their best music to date. The title track which opens this cd is different than what I was expecting, from Amanda growling one moment and then melodic the next, really gives the listener a taste of this woman and her vocal beauty, one minute she is screaming in a Arch Enemy sort of way, the next she is crooning in almost a Janis Joplin sort of way. The band plays this tight sound that is the backdrop to her vocals which means they are playing some early old school thrash riffs that would guarantee a mosh pit out of control. This song could make them a lot of new fans; it is both catchy and unpredictable. The next song is more of the same, The Order of Chaos sounds like an anthem for their faithful to scream their name to this catchy as all hell riff fest with the screechy screams and melodic vocals that are so amazing. This band reminds me a lot of Mahavatar, and are also part of a new wave that bands like Huntress, Christian Mistress and others are following that female vocalists do not have to put out what others put out that they have originality and can create some really interesting metal that is both faithful to the old school but is so knee deep in the new school.

This cd for me was solid from start to finish, there was no wasted moment and the songwriting was really good, and this band really plays their hearts out, and do all they can to complement their singer and her vocal performance. Amanda sounds like she would whisper you sweet nothings one minute and have your heart in her hand, then crush you to the pavement and laugh right in your face the next. This woman has a beautiful cruelty to her vocals that sound like The Runaways for the thrash scene. This cd is very faithful to metal, whether it is the thrash riffs and drumming or the heavy metal solos throughout or the melodic moments that really have a death metal feel to them. Though, this band feels like they could crossover and could transcend to modern rock if radio would be a little brave and give this cd a shot. Burn these dreams may be one of the biggest shocks to me in 2012 because as much as I am a diehard fan of female metal, I am always scared that each cd will sound like the last, and this does not sound like anything I have heard lately.

I really like to see more from this band, I really dig this cd a lot and I am pretty sure the majority of metal fans will really love this cd as well. This cd is like heroin, you get the hit of Burn These Dreams and you will not be able to stop listening to it. 2012 has really produced some fucking amazing music and this cd almost heads the class, what a killer cd. This is very cool.

9.5 out of 10