Music Review-the 69 Eyes-X

X Track Listing:
1. Love Runs Away – 4:23
2. Tonight – 3:44
3. Black – 4:38
4. If You Love Me the Morning After – 4:21
5. Red – 3:47
6. I Love the Darkness in You – 3:19
7. Borderline – 3:54
8. I’m Ready – 4:10
9. I Know What You Did Last Summer – 5:05
10. When a Love Comes to an End – 3:50

Review-The 69 Eyes 11th release is an interesting cd, this sounds like if The Cult wrote Sisters of Mercy’s Floodland. X to me is such a unfinished love letter to Goth and Hard Rock mixed with sleazy riffs, and almost a vampire feel to the vocals. Love Runs Away sounds like it was ripped out of an 80’s soundtrack for a John Hughes film. This is no knock on the band; you just almost picture Molly Ringwald walking thru a music video when the song plays on. I know songs like If you love me the morning after will be compared to Him or maybe a harder edged Nick Cave, which I think while fair, should not take away from how good the song is. The vocals shift from passionate, commercially acceptable and then soulful, but they seem to fit with the cranked up guitars that throw riffs that sound Cult inspired. The positives to this cd are the catchiness and hooks of the songs, each song has a sing-a-long chorus and are catchy as all hell. Another positive is the songwriting; they really put thoughts into the music lyrics and just as much into the direction. Another example of how this formula for them works somewhat but may alienate fans, is I know what you did last summer; this seems to be that song if you witness live you have to put the fists pumping up and down and headbang, while others may be bored and trying to guess who they think it sounds like.

More negatives to this cd also are that each song sounds so heavily inspired by many others and I know this band has a long 11 cd career and put out ok music, but you cannot listen to this cd and not get sick of the band and this sound that really shows no growth and each song seems to sound just like the last song, now again I am not saying this is a very bad cd, it just sounded like this band really did not try as hard as they should have. I would say maybe 5 songs on this record, I could listen to over and over and be a fan of, and the other half of this cd I just needed to listen to them once to do this review and if I never hear them again, I will not miss them. I have no issue with a band aiming for commercial success, and while this band has had some decent sales, they are not a household term and I see how a band like this who does have talent would really want to shoot for loftier goals. They have been on the scene for over 20 years and I think each cd they inch closer to this perfect sound they are trying to create. This cd feels like a band who is still trying to find their place in the music scene, and I think cds like this may split fans, while some loyalists will love that this band seems to stick with its inspired guns and keep plugging away at it while trying to make this work, while others may think this band needs to break out of this mold and experiment more.

4 out of 10