Music Review-Testor-Animal Killstinct

01. Intro
02. Heroes To The Gallows
03. Animal Killstinct
04. Rise Of The Cobra
05. This Brock
06. Psychotic High Speed Ensemble
07. Howling
08. Stagnation Sludge
09. Total Annihilation
10. Outro

PaweÅ‚ Åšwitkowski – vocals
Robert Pruski – guitar
Wiesiek Jung – guitar
Adam Wyrzykowski – bass
Mirek Jung – drums

Review-Straight out of South Central Poland comes Testor, they have been on the scene for over 20 plus years even though they only have 4 cds. This band plays old school thrash metal with modern riffs and drum attack. This cd sounds like it was heavily and I mean heavily influenced by the Bay Area sound of yesterday. Almost like if Testament meets Machine Head vocals were mixed into Death Angel guitar riffs mixed with an Exodus low end attack. This band is heavy and while influenced still offer some very good music. Animal Killstinct while the music on this cd offers nothing new or original. This cd is such a fun album and will get a lot of head-bangers attention. If the vocals do not suck you in, this band has so many catchy riffs, and the modern groove that will catch you by surprise. This band has some very unique lyrics and the vocal delivery is both aggressive and melodic almost at the same time. The production on this cd is very well done and brings the punch to this sound and such an impact that the guitar almost sounds like guns hitting you in your eardrums.

Rafal does such a great job with the vocals, he has this style that reeks of Rob Flynn in melodic times and Chuck Billy in the metal attack. Speaking of Machine Head, this band also has that MH and Pantera groove going, and at times there is some great dual solos that reminded me of Burn My Eyes. This cd sounded like a tribute to the metal bands of yesteryear and the funny thing to this is that there was not one song on this cd I really had an issue with, I enjoyed this cd a lot. This just seems more like a celebration of our genre more than anything else, and at the end of the day this cd will get you head-banging and air guttering. This is the best cd Municipal Waste never released, this was a really cool reminiscent memory of metal in the last twenty plus years. Good stuff and I really enjoyed it.

8 out of 10