Music Review-Sound Storm-Immortalia

Track Listing:

1. Immortalia (1:52)
2. Back To Life (4:14)
3. The Curse Of The Moon (5:40)
4. Blood Of Maiden (5:14)
5. Faraway (4:56)
6. Promises (4:17)
7. Call Me Devil (6:24)
8. Seven Veils (6:32)
9. Watching Your Fading (5:04)
10. Wrath Of The Storm (4:05)
11. The Portrait
act I: Heaven
act II: Hell (9:13)

Review-I will go on record, I am officially jumping on the Italian Power Metal bandwagon. This year has been a record year for this scene, and tonight alone I heard the Holy Knights cd that I cannot stop talking about, and now the Sound Storm’s latest Immortalia. From the opening to the closing, this cd is excellent. For this to be on an indie label blows me away, the majors cannot create a cd like this no matter how much money they throw into a band or production. This cd makes me glad to be a metal fan, this feels like the equivalent of a child opening up presents, each song representing a different present and surprise. This cd does feel theatrical and also is such a jaw dropping mix of soaring vocals that range from operatic, to just pure marvelous. The star of the songs is a combination of all the elements of this band, which go from the vocals, to the guitar solos that really are incredible and would inspire many to pick up a guitar and be inspired, and a keyboard that tries to keep up with the jack hammer guitar riffs that adds another dimension to this band and their sound.

This cd sounds so well thought out, that there is nothing that seems or sounds wasted. The songs are more of a symphony that sound almost like soundtracks of that moment that you enter the world that they thrust you in. Every part of this band’s sound seems to fit into a balance, and not feeling like it is lost in the mix. Phillipe is an odd singer, his vocals sound like an odd mix of theatrical operatic, schizophrenic and metal at the same time. The vocal harmonies he brings on this cd will make a lot of people talk, and will take them way past the realm of a cd and listener experience and almost to a near orgasmic eargasm. I can hail Sound Storm as one of the finer symphonic metal acts that are playing these days and that this opus has so many influences scattered throughout, but they set their course with the music to crush the listener, and they accomplish. Such a relief that they are not bombarding us with so many instruments and slamming all this shit in our ears at one time, this is very epic and not so cluttered.

This cd is another must for Italian Power Metal fans, and if they ever tour together Sound Storm and Holy Knights and hit the US, that would be a must see ticket.

8.5 out of 10