Music Review-Sinister-The Carnage Ending


01. Gates Of Bloodshed (Intro)
02. Unheavenly Domain
03. Transylvania (City Of The Damned)
04. My Casual Enemy
05. Crown Of Thorns
06. The Carnage Ending
07. Oath Of Rebirth
08. Regarding The Imagery
09. Blood Ecstasy
10. Defamatory Content
11. The Final Destroyer


Adrie Kloosterwaard – Vocals
Dennis Hartog – Guitar
Batiaan Brussaard – Guitar
Mathijs Brussaard – Bass
Toep Duin – Drums

Review-Sinister is a band that has been on the scene in one form or fashion for almost 25 years. Their history is the true story of this band, because they change members as much as they release music. As a lot of Sinister fans know, Adrie is the only returning member to this new cd. I was an old school Sinister fan, I liked Hate and Diabolical Summoning, but really lost track of the band after that. Well, the first thing I noticed right away is nothing has really changed in almost 20 years with the sound, and that is a good thing. I always loved this old school Slayer meets Nile vibe this band’s sound has. This is just pure and plain old school death metal, crunch guitars that have so many evil riffs that are so loud and aggressive. The drums going on this pace that sounds like an out of control groove with the rough harsh growls and grunts of the vocals. This band is not out to win over fans, they are out to crush the eardrums of whoever dares to play this cd. This cd is a warning for music fans that Sinister are still alive and ready to show the new school how it is done. The negatives to this cd are small, but stick out at times more than others. They use the plays out of Slayer’s book about the quick pause and then burst into all out speed metal. The issue is not the pause; it is the length of the pause. Some songs it all seems to end for a little longer than others and it feels awkward. I get it this band is trying to take the formula and throw it out the window and put their own stamp on it, but it just takes away at times.

This cd as it went on and on I found myself really getting into more and more, from the guitars that were ripping and tearing away trying to stir up this death metal frenzy that this band creates to the drumming that keep the songs flowing. This is classic mid tempo head banging metal that while not original, is still kick ass nonetheless. The vocals are so violently delivered that you get the feeling that this cd is a warning more than anything else that someone is threatening to beat your ass as the song goes on. It is incredibly heavy but yet has such energy and flow that you feel that as the songs goes on and on they seem to pick up momentum. This is a cd that metal fans always seem to love and support, and it never lets up in its fury and aggression. This is the soundtrack to a riot, or an execution. This makes me want to listen to the whole library and see what I been missing out on. This is a fucking impressive heavy as hell metal album.

8.5 out of 10