Music Review-Show Your Face-Afraid Ep

Huge – Vocals, Achilleas K – Guitars, Chris – Bass, Vis – Drums

Review-This is a 3 song sample of what is coming up later this year or early next, from this band that has been on the scene since 2007. This band has a sound that comes across like Lamb of God at times, now that being said since I am a huge fan of Lamb, I knew I would really dig this as well, and I do. The only gripe right out of the gate is that this is 3 songs and goes for about 15 minutes, so when the music really starts to kick in and you are hooked it ends. Afraid is the first song, and it has the elements of Lamb of God if they used the Prong sound via Beg To Differ as a backdrop. This song has the screams and growls that will make metal fans happy, but they have this musicianship that really showcases what this band is capable of, and compliment their vocalist Huge. This song gets more addicting the more you listen to it. The next track is Born Dead Die Alive, this track the star is the guitar sound. It has some really sick riffs that will grab your attention and keep it. And it has an even sicker break in the middle that really showcases that this band has some serious talent, and can really deliver. You can tell that touring with bands like Rotting Christ and Sodom among others have really rubbed off on them, and that their music is more dimensional and attacks from all ends, and is so well thought out.

This is what Meshuggah would have sounded like, if they listened to their heart and not followed what their fan base would tell them. I sin ends this cd, and it is the slower of the songs. Now, this does sound like Meshuggah puts out today. I did like the guitar work, I just wish this band would have stayed with their heavy balls to the wall tempo, and not tried to slow it down. Songs like this, save that for the full length, give us just a hard shot and then save the multi-faceted music for the more track release. That gripe aside, I did enjoy the guitar work and drumming enough to know that even at a more acceptable sound, they still have elements that I do enjoy. All in all, I am stoked for the full length and really cannot say too much bad about this band or this ep, beside that Huge needs to be screaming and growling not trying to do songs like I sin, that we expect from Chris Barnes or Meshuggah trying to sell their fan-bases that they are expanding to a broader audience. This was good, and fans of the band and their past work, will like this while trying to see that they are going to throw you some surprises upcoming.

8 out of 10