Music Review-Seremonia-Seremonia

1. Seremonia
2. Uhrijuhla
3. Rock ‘n Rollin Maailma
4. Huutava Taivas, Kuiskaava Maa
5. Aamuruskon Kaupunki
6. Kosminen Ruumisvaunu
7. Lusiferin Käärmeet
8. Antikristus 666
9. Kiirastulen Tähtisumu
10. Hautakiven Varjossa

– Noora Federley / vocals
– Ville Pirinen / guitar, synthesizer, backing vocals
– Ilkka Vekka / bass, synthesizer, backing vocals
– Erno Taipale / drums, flute, guitar

Review-Seremonia is the debut cd from the band of the same name who hails from Finland. To describe this music is Jefferson Airplane meets Ghost; they have this 60’s psychedelic rock that mixes with stoner metal, and at times doses of doom metal. This is the first time in my life I did not understand one thing Noora Federley was singing (because she speaks and writes the lyrics all in her native tongue), and I still could not stop listening to it. The guitar sound in Rock ‘n Rollin Maailma came across as the catchiest riff that sounded a lot like Iron Butterfly meets Deep Purple. This cd has so many nods to the old school, from riffs that sound like Butterfly, to Sabbath, Pentagram, but also Cream and Jethro Tull. Seremonia is a band that is not afraid to experiment with their sound, and will throw anything at you if they think it can help enhance the musical experience for you. Aamuruskon Kaupunki uses weird effects, almost like a sci fi feel 60’s acid trip and descends into just pure insanity that would make Devin Townsend proud. Then, they end a song on a flute. This is a band that is not afraid of what anyone will think, and will do whatever they want, and for that attitude you cannot find fault with a band that really wants to cater to no one but themselves and what the mood calls for.

One thing is for sure, this band is all about the riffs. Each song has a different guitar riff that lures you into the song and keeps your attention. I found myself at times, and this is no knock on the band or cd, but trying to figure out where I heard the riff before this song. I dig female vocalists and if they speak another language and do not try English, I admit that is a plus. She has this vocal which charms that can hook you right from the get go, and keep your attention. I love when this band does the insane soundscapes with their synth work that ranges from pure genius to utterly bizarre. The flutes that pop up was really just as clever. The downside to this cd is that you cannot have a cd that does not expand on the core sound which while the experimentation was cool there just was not enough of it, and your lead singer really does not try to showcase her range and ability. I did not hate this cd by any means, I just wish that they would have taken this psychedelic doom vibe with their Grace Slick inspired singer, and did more with it.

If you liked the Ghost cd and do not mind female vocalists, you may want to give this cd a listen. I am anxious to see what the follow up to this is. That will be the true test and review.

7.5 out of 10