Mini Music Review-Retaliatory Measures -Withdrawal Syndromes


Guitar: Kalle Hahtamo
Bass: Marko Mäkipanula
Drums: Iiro Aittokoski
Guitar: Janne Halima
Vocals: Pessi Haltsonen


1. The Offering

2. Withraw

3. Decompose

4. Pharynx

5. Soap

6. Threshold

7. Revulse

8. Killing

9. Existence

10. Since Nothing

Review-This band just comes right out the gates swinging for the fences, with the death metal growl and the riifs from hell that really hit with a crunch and a groove that will get anyone’s attention of this debut band and what they have to offer. Their sound has this energy that finds its core in hard riffs, power grooves and the vocals do come across as catchy and letting out this death growl that breaks down in mid-way points as being addictive and borderline commercialized death metal. And for this band that works, and while most songs start off at a breakneck pace by the midway point they start to come across as almost some kind of hybrid of technical and progressive death metal. This band by no means invented the wheel and this cd sounds inspired by bands like Lamb of God and bands like Meshuggah at times, but they made the ride on the wheel a fun journey. This is such an impressive debut record for metal fans to fully get behind and support.

8 out of 10