Music Review-Radiana-Radiana

Members Steven Deal, Lisa Hammer, Dan Kohler

1. Over the Moon 03:27
2. Black Sheep 04:02
3. Tigress on a Train Moving Fast(free) 03:30
4. After the Fall 03:18
5. Brother Sun 03:22
6. Mona Lisa Smile 04:11
7. Glass Mountain 03:26
8. Magic Eye 03:26
9. The Invisible Heart 03:53
10. Monkey King 04:34
11. Love is Not a Crime 04:10
12. Cyclops 04:01
13. Something Like Penguins 02:44

Review-In terms of constantly putting out cds that challenge fans, Projekt Records head and own that class. You talk about a diverse label that this year has really gave us their version of where alternative music should be in 2012 and years beyond. I have reviewed over 15 of their label bands and each cd is so radically different than the one before it. Radiana lead vox Lisa Hammer may be known to some fans as Triana Orpheus on the Cartoon Network Adult Swim cult hit The Venture Brothers, but with her partner Steven Deal they have been all over the music scene for quite a while. The first thing you notice right away from Radiana their sound is deep into indie alternative and dream pop. While some people view this cd as a debut record from this group, you have to think for all involved this cd was a lot of work thru the years and trying to put all those experiences into one cd that really feels like a throwback to yesteryear while at times sounding modern at the same time. Confused? So am I, this band sounds like if Belle and Sebastian had Debbie Harry front them. Lisa and Steven complement each other’s vocals and at times, it sounds like they are so stuck in the melodies that they want us to stay in this dream like scenario with them. The Invisible Heart is a song you would expect from Stars, and to hear Radiana pull it off really shows me that this band has so much talent and could be a bigger impact on the scene in the upcoming years. Over The Moon shows Lisa in a place that only Belly and the Breeders ventured to, and that song really shines in terms of just pure and plain alternative dream pop melodies and Sonic Youth older releases calm and patience.

Black Sheep sounds like if Debbie Harry fronted Concrete Blonde, if this sounds like your cup of tea, this song is well worth you wanting to check out. Tigress on a Train Moving Fast with the Liz Phair sound melodies in the background really shined to me. I love when Lisa has this much faith in her sound and the band has this much faith in what it is trying to convey to try and offer something different, and to me that is one of the biggest surprises about this cd, is that while it sounds like I am calling this band copycats of this or that, the truth is this band has so much talent that they took elements of all above mentioned and threw it in their blender and created this cd. This is a band that I think could really shine on college radio if given the chance. This is a band that has a catchy sound and the musical chops to keep the fans appetite whet song to song as to what it will offer in terms of trying to re-invent alternative music. This is not a cd, it felt like a love letter from years past on the paper of today’s modern scene. I mean, Love is not a Crime with its Siouxsie and the Banshees feel, and we can go song to song as to what I really loved about this band and the vocals and musicianship, there was really not one wasted minute on this whole cd to me. This is the best cd of dreamy alternative pop since Belle and Sebastian’s The Boy with an Arab Strap. That is quite the statement, and this is quite the cd. How is this band not in the major publications and on a major tour? That goes to really show you what the music industry promotes these days. This band and cd is a must listen, and must go out of your way to try and find out more about.

9 out of 10