Music Review-Marty Friedman-Tokyo Jukebox Vols. 1-2

Line-up / Musicians

– Marty Friedman / guitars
– Jeremy Colson / drums, vocals

Review-It seems Prosthetic Records are re-releasing the whole Marty Friedman catalogue. Whether that is a positive thing or negative thing, depends on what version of Marty you are truly a fan of. Most of us, remember him when he was shredding and riffing all over the Megadeth landscape, those fans may not be the target audience for these records. While there are hints and pieces throughout that Marty has truly not all the way forsaken that period of his career, the majority of this cd shows that he truly is into this Japanese video game soundtrack stuff very full on. This is a bunch of instrumentals of J-Pop music that I think the Manga and video game fans would love more than anyone with metal hopes. The sad part of this cd, is that there are moments on this cd that Marty clearly rips and has some crunching little riffs, but they are quickly thrown away into the pop formula that tries so hard to be catchy, but comes across as tiresome.
This cd makes me hopeful that Marty has one more run with him with metal, the man still has the talent, the riffs and that crunchy as all hell guitar. The songs mostly all of them, had some kind of metal riff that appeared in and out of the song, that kept me listening to the song, but I could not take the Japanese pop feel of this music. When metal bands go on hunts these days for guitarists I am just shocked no one has made Marty an offer to come aboard. While I know he has made quite the living doing this kind of music and is in the same ball park as a Nuno Bettencourt who tours with Rhianna, who I cannot knock because you know even though they are selling their souls, they are making quite the dollar doing it.

All in all, this is ok in parts, bad as a whole but I think Marty still has some major talent. If the pop element was in bits and pieces and the metal was more prevalent on this record and not an afterthought, it would have been so much more acceptable. To listen to this soundtrack, I guess is like listening to Pokemon or Persona 3 soundtracks.

4 out of 10