Music Review-Man Made Sun-more a devil than a god

Members Yonatan Levy, Shahar Mintz, Eran Asias, Ofer Tiberin
1. God vs God 03:56

2. Belief 03:35

3. Signal 05:49

4. Three Things 03:18

5. Waiting For The Sun 04:07

Review-This 5 song ep from New York City’s Man Made Sun is something unique. They start this ep with God vs God which songs like Jesus Lizard meets Fishbone in a very weird way. They have the epic alternative guitar riffs mixed with some samples that really seem so odd and out of place that they complimented this song, with a lead singer who sounds like he is not sure if he wants to speak or sing, but the lyrics really stand out that you feel he is almost preaching in some perverse way to you. This band seems to have a message that it is trying to convey but it does seem to get lost in the sonic landscape that the instruments create. And while I make that last statement lord and behold if by song 3 Signal if I was not hooked on this band and their catchy far out experimental rock. This band seems extremely talented and very convinced that you will get into them as well, that they are giving you guys a chance to listen to this cd for free on their bandcamp page. ( I will say right now if you are a fan of alternative metal and want to hear something that does sound similar to other bands that you know, but have something unique as well that separates it from other bands, this is a great little ep. The funny part is that at first when I first heard the vocals I just thought I would hate this, and that this band had nothing to offer but I gave it a fair chance and this cd really spoke to me as each track went on, and I found myself praising this cd a lot and wanting to listen to it again.

8 out of 10