Music Review-Killing Joke-MMXII

01. Pole Shift
02. Fema Camp
03. Rapture
04. Colony Collapse
05. Corporate Elect
06. In Cythera
07. Primobile
08. Glitch
09. Trance
10. On All Hallow’s Eve

Review-Killing Joke is back, yet again. In 2007, when news of Paul Raven’s death surfaced, it seems to have lit a spark with the original line up of Killing Joke. They put all their differences aside and reformed and put out one of the best cds in 2010 with Absolute Dissent. 2 years have passed, and they have graced us with their follow up MMXII. While not as good as Absolute Dissent, it is still a very good record on its own merits. This is a very dark and intense end of days themed cd that really embraces industrial rock with alternative metal. Like the Killing Joke messages on past cds, this one is filled with political, anti-capitalism and looking forward lyrics all set to a groove that will make you want to not stand still. This is a band that compliments each instrument and respects what it can bring to their sound. From Walker and his guitar riffs that catch you off guard with the industrial heaviness that has a groove and catchiness to it. Youth has this bass sound that comes across as inviting, almost passionate and it works perfectly with Coleman’s vocal delivery.

The cd opens up with Pole Shift, which seems to be about environmental concerns and rapid shifts in the shifting of the poles and a rotation of the Earth’s axis. The lyrics come across as haunting and very angry, from Coleman’s singing and slow opening that just takes off in this angry mode that the band turns it up and shows that still after all these years they can still deliver. This song starts this dark journey that ye who enters are going to be hearing a band that will keep your attention, and make you a fan one way or another by the last listen of the last song. Fema Camp is the next track, and it has this tribal feel to it, with the vocals taking a back seat to the industrial tribal groove that seems to be on showcase here. It feels like old school Killing Joke, with a fresh new outlook. Rapture the next track, sounds like it was made for the sole purpose of just crushing the listener into submission with the catchiness and riffs. It comes across as the same kind of industrial metal that has been a staple of their sound since the late 80’s.

The next song Colony Collapse sounds like the new wave of alternative that hit us in the mid 2000’s like Kasabian, and maybe Depeche Mode early years. This song is too catchy and addicting to hate, you will get one listen and find yourself with it stuck in your head. Corporate Elect as you can tell by the name is political and deals with greed in our world, it comes across as some kind of industrial metal punk hybrid song that really was something unique and very cool. The rest of the record was really fun and such an industrial treat. They use every music element, from synth-pop to aggressive industrial and pulls each off very well. While some fans seem to not like the band and their synth pop, alternative dance sprinkles they throw into their music but I commend a band with this kind of history to take their original sound and have the guts to go back from all era of this band history and summon them all up for this release.

Cds like this make me happy Killing Joke is still around and putting out quality music. This cd is proof that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame need to wake up and maybe induct them?

8.5 out of 10