Music Review-Kaotik-Starving Death

01. War at the Door
02. Carnivorous Madness
03. Creature
04. Lobotomy
05. Screeching Sound
06. Bad Awakening
07. Pesticide Shower
08. Starving Death
09. Terror
10. Inbreeding

Review-Bands like Kaotik are made for people who are part time metal fans who do not really follow the scene but knows that some bands exist. That is not to say the cd is bad, good or in-between but it just seems that this cd is a series of imitations that are meant to carve a niche off other bands formulas. I mean, I know today’s scene is not really all about originality, but at least other bands try to hide it more than others when they lift something from another band. The cd has an ok old school death metal feel and seems to borrow from everyone in the last 20 years. This cd felt more like a local band on stage playing covers, but claiming the music is all their own. That last statement sums this cd up, the music is basically a band playing their heroes music, it is just lacking excitement, passion and makes me think this band right now may not deserve to be on any kind of record label, and may want to just tour clubs. And yes, I know who the lead singer is and the history he has had, but it still does not excuse this band and its lazy approach to music. I can count on my fingers both hands, each song and each guitar riff tempo change and guitar solo, and what band and song it was heavily inspired from, and I mean heavily. This band should be paying royalties. There is no creativity to this cd, nor is there anything that would scream to a diehard metal fan to put a dime into this band. The music on the cd is the equivalent of rap music using samples throughout their albums, and trying to tell you they did not.

The musicians on this cd show they have great talent, I just wish they would have put some passion into this cd and really tried to pave the way, not follow the same trail others have paved. This cd as a whole is good in parts but if you heard everything else this year, this could be skip-able and you will not miss anything. Now if you are new to the scene and think you like death metal and have no Death records or Obituary records, or many of the other bands from this scene history, you may like this a lot. I hope that we get a new cd from them next year that just rips and showcases their true talent. This is not it.

3 out of 10