Music Review-Kamikabe – Aberration Of Man


01 Intro
02 Leprous Divinity
03 The Rot
04 Sufferer
05 The Process Within
06 Interlude
07 Nefarious
08 Magure
09 Only the Dead Rest
10 Ungoliant

Max – Guitar
Jake – Guitar
Matt – Bass
BJ – Drums
Matt – Vocals

Review-The press release of this band describes this band as “technical death core metal”. I would like to label this band something “brutally destructive in your face technical death metal”. This is their debut album, which I have not heard their two eps before this, so this is my first time listening to them. One thing is for sure this band is here for one reason and that is to cause destruction and leave all other bands in their wake. The slowdown and breakdown moments in this cd are so fucking brutal and intense that it feels that the instruments are set on kill and crush. And this is a debut album, holy shit this band is going to make a very huge name for them before it is all said and done. The vocals are raw, range from a growl to screeching that are so in your face that are just as so heavy. The guitars on this cd are cruel, brutal and riffing all over the fucking place. The drum and those damaging blast beats comes across as brutal and sound like rain in a hurricane. From start to finish this is pure straight forward amazing death metal and very brutal. This band shows me why I am such a diehard fan of metal. This is just so straight forward in your face with elements of bands like Cattle Decapitation, Dying Fetus and etc., but are their own band and they really stand out in a genre of music that really has more follow the leader than bands that try to forge their own sound.
As a whole this cd is so fast paced and explosive that fans will really embrace this band if they give them a chance. I would love to see this band carry this sound live and how it translates. All in all, this was a great listen and I would love to hear more from them and see if they can really keep this sound going.

9 out of 10