Music Review-Jill Tracy-Silver Smoke, Star of Night

O Come O Come Emanuel
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Coventry Carol
What Child is This?
We 3 Kings
Room 19
Carol of the Bells
In The Bleak Midwinter

Review-The latest cd by Jill Tracy was unplanned, and almost accidental. She gives you 8 songs and over 30 minutes of music to put you in the holiday spirit. To describe her work it is very dark, elegant and soothing. What she is offering are not really songs, they come across as stories put to music. Jill has this style that makes the listener at ease and falls into her deep trance. She creates these musical journeys that come across as poetic, theatrical, and a place that you just want to crawl into and not leave. Jill’s interpretation of classic carols is emotional, passionate and haunting at the same time. She also uses ambience touches throughout, that make you feel you are part of each story. Room 19 is an odd song to put on this cd, but that is what made me love this song all the much more. From her piano work, to her vocals, to the background sounds and the little drum touches, this is the song for all you Omnipop people who think Sam Phillips is the only person who can create magic from the simplest of things.

One thought I had throughout this cd is how beautiful Jill’s vocals come across, I now see why she has such a big fan-base. She mixes jazz piano with a voice that is just tragically beautiful. You just feel each word that comes out of her mouth means something, and that each moment she speaks on this cd, she does not waste space on anything less than perfection. This is the new age of holiday music, where it does not have to be kid friendly, or overly joyful, it can just be compelling and powerful. This is lavishly dark and haunting and will keep your attention from start to finish, and I will say as far as holiday records go, and I have heard quite a few in my time, I will put this in the top of the list as to something that celebrates the holiday in a truly unique way. How is this girl not huge? This is a cd that I cannot recommend enough for anyone who enjoys the holidays and hate the same old cds that come out or get played at this time, this is something that you may want to check out.

8.5 out of 10