Music Review-Holy Knights-Between Daylight and Pain

Dario Di Matteo – Vocals / Keyboards
Simone Campione – Guitars / Bass
Claudio Florio – Drums

1. Mistery (05:10)
2. Frozen Paradise (05:39)
3. Beyond The Mist (05:40)
4. 11 September (05:02)
5. Glass Room (05:19)
6. Wasted Time (04:50)
7. Awake (04:16)
8. The Turning To The Madness (06:01)

Review-Around 10 years ago, Holy Knights released their debut record, and now they hit us with their follow up. If you are not familiar with this band, let me tell you they are an Italian symphonic metal band that reminds me of bands that came out of the 90’s. Dario’s vocals have a commercial likability to his sound, and he shows amazing range. The band never strays too far from Italian Power Metal and their music has some amazing tempos and progressive touches throughout that mark a maturity of a band that seems to dig deep into the history of Progressive Power Metal but yet tries to find a fresh balance as well in the songs. The opening track Mystery, is really catchy and the band showcases all their talents throughout the track, from the high and fast tempo to the touches of classic Italian Power Metal throughout, Dario’s vocals soar and when the band takes a backseat and lets the vocals flow, it really shows a singer that if they put out more music more frequently, could make a mark with fans. Frozen Paradise, starts off slow and brings you into this world, and then within a minute or so just hit the gas and hooks you in with the catchy vocals and the musicianship that really deserves so much credit.

This cd does not break any new ground but I think a band like Holy Knights really right now do not need to. It sounds like they are trying to find their own style and formula and if there ever was a record that could turn new fans unto this genre of music, or maybe female fans, this would be it. Their sound comes across as much commercialized, yet they mix tempo changes and add acoustic sequences. The arrangements are very explosive and addicting. This cd comes across like a vastly rich and entertaining melodic journey into places of sonic musicianship that really makes me wish these guys would put out more music, more frequent. The shock to the cd is The Turning of the Madness, this is such a brave way to end this cd. The whole song seems to flow around the vocals, and it has symphonic elements, soaring guitar but it is something you would have expected from Savatage from Dead Winter Dead. What a brave and beautiful song, that really I think if this band got some exposure would be huge for this genre and would bring in new fans. This cd is a very good record, that I feel really is a cannot lose for fans of this genre of music.

9 out of 10