Music Review-Gamma Ray-Live: Skeletons & Majesties

Disc: 1
1. Welcome (Intro)
2. Anywhere In The Galaxy
3. Men, Martians and Machines
4. The Spirit
5. Wings Of Destiny
6. Farewell
7. Gamma Ray
8. Money
9. Time To Break Free
10. Rebellion In Dreamland (Acoustic)
11. Send Me A Sign (Acoustic)
Disc: 2
1. Induction
2. Dethrone Tyranny
3. Watcher In The Sky
4. Hold Your Ground
5. A While In Dreamland
6. Rise
7. Brothers
8. Insurrection
9. Future World

Review-I am not what you call a diehard Gamma Ray fan. They had a few records I liked somewhat like No World Order and Land of the Free, but the majority I am not sure if I was the fan they were trying to convey because I just really thought most of the music was forgettable and one time only at best. I heard they had a new live double cd and wanted to see if maybe they could redeem themselves and maybe make me want to give their music a second shot. The answer is no. This live record is so flawed, and the problems stick out so badly that I am not sure if even the die-hard fans would like this. This cd lacks intensity and power and that feeling that makes you want to be part of the live experience, this sounds like the laziest concert I ever heard, from the band and their half assed attempts to get the crowd going, and the crowd that sounds so polished and studio made. This album does not have any qualities that would satisfy a fan or even turn a non-fan into one. I think the choruses on most of the songs like: Hold your Ground” or as they called it “Hold your Fucking Ground” come across as horrible and very cheesy. When he keeps dropping that F bomb in this song I guess he is trying to come across as cool or hip, and it sounds and comes across as listening to my grandfather using that word when he loses his keys.

Kai Hansen vocally sounds below average and when he has to compete with the guitars, he fails. He sounds like a drunken Geoff Tate after smoking 12 packs of menthols. And the parts where they try to get the crowd to sing a long sounds horrible, this crowd was not into the show. I have heard a million live records, and this is the tamest crowd I ever heard for any kind of metal show. The selling point to this I am told on the press release is that they feature rare songs and never been released songs. So, diehard fans and I am only speaking to you, because no one else would want this cd or even to attempt to listen to it, if you want to hear these tracks I would say go to iTunes and sample them and then see if you agree with what I say, and if you do not, buy this record and get the dvd as well. Gamma Ray’s PR also told me that there are big plans for 2013; to tell you the truth I would be more excited if there was not. This cd does not have one thing I could recommend to any of you, and makes me wanting not to listen to the few Gamma Ray cds I do have.

0 out of 10