Music Review-Enchantya-Dark Rising

1. Unwavering Faith
2. No Stars In The Sky
3. Night In Whisper
4. Clad In Black
5. Longing For You
6. Your Tattoo
7. She Devil
8. Ocean Drops
9. Dark Rising
10. Winter Dreams
11. Fear Me When You Fall
12. Interlude / Become Of Me
13. Moonlighting The Dreamer

Rute Fevereiro – Vocals
Nuno Seven – Guitar
Emanuel Henriques – Guitar
Manuel Pinto “MP” – Bass
João P Monteiro – Drums
Luis ‘Vlad’ Fernandes – Keyboards and Synths

Review-I know females in metal and this style have been going strong for a long time, and I am a big supporter of the females, but if Evanescence and most importantly Amy Lee did not make a splash with the charts and radio, would the Goth style symphonic metal of female singers still be so abundant these days? I know this band has been on the scene for almost a decade and had major tours with Nightwish and etc. but, high pitched female vocals with the Goth melodies and symphonic metal sound is so tired and I am utterly getting frustrated by the lack of women who keep on working in these guidelines and not trying to stretch out or try something new, and I am not talking about whatever Lacuna Coil is creating these days, I am talking about just trying to break the mold and stereotype that has been on the scene for almost 3 decades and overdone in the last 12 years to the point of exhaustion. While coming from Portugal may be new for this style of music you can tell this band is heavily and I mean heavily influenced by not only their tour mates Nightwish but almost every other female led band as well in this genre. They say it takes a lifetime to create your debut record, and this band truly lives that story but this cd while some of it is very listenable and ok the main issue is this cd really needed more creativity to it than it has. Songs like Night of Whisper and Your Tattoo stand out as does Clad in Black as trying to do something different but the vocal approach just sounds like every other band with that female selling point.

Also included in this cd is a person who I will call the growler, the male who has to do the death metal growls to her lovely Goth like melodies, I will say right now their exchange in Clad in Black and Your Tattoo was really cool. This cd is not a bad cd if you are not exposed to bands like Nightwish and that entire ilk, but see I am and when I hear her sound on this cd it does seem like more of the same, which takes me out of the songs to a point. Though, the band does seem to have talent but I wish that the females in progressive metal would really either explore new bounds for their sound and style or cut the field down to a bare minimum. I mean with each week we have more and more releases like this one while they are not bad cds and this is not a bad cd it just sounds just like everything else and besides maybe the growl exchange which is in the vein of Deadlock really offers nothing new or inspiring to want to listen to this cd past the review. She seems to have a beautiful voice I just wish she would challenge that voice and maybe add different elements to her style and the band’s.

5 out of 10