Music Review-Daylight Dies-A Frail Becoming

01. Infidel
02. The Pale Approach
03. Sunset
04. Dreaming of Breathing
05. A Final Vestige
06. Ghosting
07. Hold On To Nothing
08. Water’s Edge
09. An Heir To Emptiness

Nathan Ellis
Barre Gambling
Charley Shackelford
Egan O’Rourke
Jesse Haff

Review-To start this review, I have to be honest. I know this band has had a few releases and been out for well over a decade, but this is the first time I ever listened to them. I know I get a lot of flak from people, “what do you mean, you never heard of this band or that band”. And I will email them back, and say “well have you heard of this band and that band, what do you mean you never heard of them”. So as a first time listener and fan, I will say that Daylight Dies has this cool little mix of doom, melodic tones, and some death metal goodness. They have the death metal growls going, but have this light sound that comes almost like an anti to what the vocals are trying to accomplish, and I like it for the most part.

A Frail Becoming, I will say was more hit with me, than miss. Songs as a whole when they work they really work and come across very good. But, on the same token when they start off bad they usually do not get better. I know I will get a lot of hate, but The Final Vestige is awful. I can honestly put that in my top ten worst songs for 2012. This song does not fit this band, and it sounds like they were trying to expand on their sound and create something unique. Though, Infidel was a strong way to introduce me to this band. I love the guitar riffs it reminded me of Nevermore and their heavier stuff.

Ghosting is another song I did not prefer, it was the band trying to come across in some Stone Sour vein, and it felt like it tried way too hard to be different. I do not mind who try to stretch out, but come on Slayer knows it cannot do country music, and no matter how die hard a fan of them you are, you know it is not a good fit. I like the death metal growls on this cd; I hate the soulful clean vocals. This band should never take its foot off the gas; they have guitars that shreds, a vocalist that can go, why take those elements out of your arsenal?

Now after listening to this cd, I am interested in the past releases to see what else I been missing out. This is a very cool album that has a few songs that I feel were not the best of what they have to offer, but they have so many on here that leads me to believe that are the best they have to offer, and left me quite happy and impressed for the most part. So if that is not a good recommend, I do not know what is. So, the question is answered a non-fan can listen to this and could become a fan.

7 out of 10