Music Review-Daemonicus – Deadwork

1. A Dead Work of Art
2. The Grandeur of Total Termination
3. Embracing Her Remains
4. We Feast on Your Flesh
5. The Hymn of Ubo Sathla
6. From Alive to Dead Life
7. Blood Red November MDXX
8. Inhabited
9. Nothing But Death
10. As Extinction Came

Review-The follow up to the debut record Host of Rotting Flesh is a pretty pummeling, hard hitting affair by a band that comes across as very hungry and excited to be on the scene. This cd while not inventing the wheel, at least makes the journey it takes us on very exciting, brutal and fun. With Deadwork, Daemonicus made so many improvements from their lackluster debut record, one being the songwriting and the other being the grooves and hooks. This cd is infectious and jumps out at the listener as it goes track by track. The guitar sound on this cd is so heavily influenced by old school 90’s Swedish death metal. One term that comes to mind talking about what this cd offers is relentless. This cd I did not mind the throwback feeling of the 90’s it gave me, because at least unlike the other thousands who do the same thing, this band did not rip off anyone they actually put their own spin and compliment on this and kick your ass with their take on the old school. The guitars compliment the vocal delivery perfectly.

This cd just grabs you by the throat, and makes you pay attention and give it the proper respect. This cd fires on all cylinders and the shock is that there is really no filler on this cd at all. Each song was quite good and really complimentary of the one before it. The song Alive to Dead Life is going to throw people in a loop, they change up the sound a little and try to spread its wings, while the old school fans of the 90’s feel, will feel like they got punched in the face that the band would have the nuts to throw in a 2012 progressive death metal song on top of this retro sound, you have to respect them. I know a lot of people are really jumping on this bandwagon, and I will say that this cd is proof that first impressions are sometime wrong; this is a vast improvement on their debut record. I think a lot of metal publications and people may be placing this in a top ten list, I would say this cd is an impressive record and clearly a sign that metal music is never going to die.

9 out of 10