Music Review-Cradle of Filth-The Manticore and Other Horrors

Track listing:
1.The Unveiling of O
2.The Abhorrent
3.For Your Vulgar Delectation
6.Frost on her Pillow
7.Huge Onyx Wings Behind Despair
8.Pallid Reflection
9.Siding With The Titans
10.Succumb To This

Review-The 10th release from COF, or better yet as they refer to this their tenth commandment finds the band stripping down its sound somewhat to be more guitar heavy death metal sound. When you compare the last few cds they put out to Midian, really shows you that the band has been stuck in sort of a musical rut. And I think Paul Allender and Dani knew this going into the recording of this cd, so unlike the last few cds they did not drown the guitar riffs in symphonic arrangements. This cd they went back to their strengths, and that is Dani’s vocals and Paul’s riffs. The Abhorrent is the opening track after the gothic opening, and that made quite the statement that this is going to be the be something special, from the vocals, to the musicianship this is the song that we been waiting for from them in such a long while at least since 2004 and their last great release Nymphetamine, I think the Grammy and Dani starting to really not deliver it vocally on the last few records, made the last 3 records really a pale shadow of what they once were. With this cd, I think while they still utilize the symphonic touches here and there, it is really great that they wanted to make just a very brutal heavy album.

This cd shows that COF are not afraid of going back to their roots, and The Manticore shows that maybe Dani and the boys have listened to a lot of black metal and was inspired to maybe take the production of this release and make big steps from where it has been in the last 8 years musically. The guitars sound very punk inspired, while the vocals at time come across as old school metal and Filth showcases his vocals more this time than in previous releases. This is a band throughout their history or Dani and his back up band’s history has always experimented more and more with their sound and different ideas and symphonic experiments that when done right can really shine, like in their early catalogue, but when done wrong absolutely come across as boring and uninspired which I have harped on that period of their career way too much. The Manticore comes across as a band who is trying to forge a new identity for itself while visiting its past and what fans were fans for in the first place. This could be almost classified as a great comeback record, even though they have gone nowhere and put out music. I do not see new fans jumping on this bandwagon, but I do a lot of fans who abandoned them or stuck with them, being very happy and hopeful for the future.

8 out of 10