Music Review-Black Jesus-Black Jesus Saves ep

01. Cycles of Fear – 1:27
02. Black Jesus Saves – 2:11
03. The Devouring – 3:39
04. Dead in Their Tracks – 1:21
05. Doctrine of Denial – 2:40
06. River Bleeds Black – 1:52
07. Age of Avarice – 2:49
08. Atrocity Generator – 2:53

This underground death metal act from Melbourne, Australia issued this as a demo cassette in 2010. Now that I am finally hearing this demo on cd, the quality still sounds like a cassette demo which I really dug at certain times a lot and if anything else, it gave this music a real honesty about it. This just has the raw rehearsal fury to it that you feel you are listening t this band in your local club. While the songwriting is not their best suit, and the singing does seem very one dimensional, the guitars and drums really are the stand out stars on this. The guitars have these riffs from hell that have quite an impact. The bass is silenced a lot on here; you really do not hear much of that, so I am assuming they used bass lines as an excuse to help the guitars have more impact and stand out. The levels of sound on this release go from loud, far away to up close and at times during the songs, it was hard to figure out what they were trying to accomplish with their sound. The songs like Dead in Their Tracks are the catchier of the offering and fans may like those better than Black Jesus Saves which tries to come across as their sort of version of Slayer’s Jesus Saves. This cd also has this rough demo cassette sound to it, that seems at first to be cool but start to get old as the songs play out. This cd seems very inspired by the scene of yesteryear, and it has some very good ideas going on like River Bleeds Black, that fans will get behind and want to see more from this band. The longest song on here is under 3 minutes, and that is another shame, because while the music does come across enthusiastic, it feels incomplete.

I think Black Jesus Saves is a very mixed bag, and that the band really needs to work on their audio levels more, the production more and learn to write and construct better songs. This cd sounds like the blue print of what can be, or will be. So, I will consider this a demo of a band that wants us to sample what they are coming up with. I am interested in what is upcoming, but right now this is not a great way to start or try to get your name out. It felt like there were pieces scattered throughout of ideas that should have come thru more. I would not recommend any one to buy it, but if you have the chance to see them live, I bet live this band would be fun.

4 out of 10