Music Review-Beyond All Recognition – Drop=Dead

01. Characters
02. What We’ll Die to Defend
03. True Story (feat. Dennis Andersson from The Drake Equation)
04. Drop = Dead
05. Arriving With the Sun
06. Brace Yourself (feat. Bjorn Strid from Soilwork)
07. Smoke and Mirrors
08. Bitch Please
09. Legends
10. End of Recognition
11. Smoke and Mirrors (Dirty & Twisted Remix)



David Șhr РVocals
David Eriksen – Guitar
Paul Gidl̦f РGuitar
Pontus Bergstr̦m Warren РBass
Edwin Jansson – Drums

Review-This band labels their sound Dubcore? It is the meshing of metal and dubstep. I know meshing genres of music is nothing new, but whoever thought about putting these two genres of music together in hopes of it taking off may want to re-think this. That is not saying Beyond All Recognition is really a bad band, they seem like they are extremely talented but this dubcore sound baffles me. I know in the past Misery Loves Company, White Zombie, Rob Zombie and even last year with Korn others have attempted to incorporate dubstep into their music, and those releases to me were mixed bags at best. Where nu metal is already a hybrid trying to add more elements can become too much for the listeners, this dubstep with a band that has death metal growls and riffs, is not such a great merge in certain aspects. Picture Skrillex mixing the next Aeon or Arch Enemy cd, it’s two music that are not meant to merge and the results while brave would more than likely fail or divide the crowd.

This cd is brutal and loud, but it gets so ridiculous with the stop and goes with all the effect noises in the background. Now some songs this formula fares a little better like Arriving With The Sun, it is so well executed that these science fiction sound bites or whatever they are work well to help make the song more brutal. Bitch Please, is another example of when this formula not only works but could be an inspiration for bands to also try this. I really hope that this is not the next step for metal like nu metal was when Anthrax and Mordred opens those doors many years earlier.

For a debut record, I tip my hat for trying to use a popular style of music to their advantage of establishing themselves as unique and trying to be different. This is a band that is all gimmicks but has some talent to back those gimmicks up. Though, by the midway point of this cd it just felt like I heard it all before and seemed a little repetitious. This cd to me is the blueprint to something bigger, and if this cd is any indication I think this band will have a following that is either going to really love the band or really hate the band, this is one of those bands that their sound will divide metal fans. I was a fan of most of the music, the band tries to incorporate too much dubstep into this sound, and at times I felt that was the negative to this band and cd, if they would have gave us less it would not have started to become repetition.

I think if I listened to this cd one track a day, I would respect this mesh a little more, but to listen to the whole cd all the way thru can be quite the undertaking and maybe the true beauty of this cd is in bits and pieces and then if you can remember at the end of the last day what you felt to write the review then. But, I just feel if I trash this cd I am going to be playing it again and regretting the low review, I think there are so many elements that will draw me back to listening to most of it again or maybe all of it.

This is my very first review I am conflicted, my gut tells me to give it a 7, and my heart says to give it a 5. I will just give it a 6, which is barely recommendable.

6 out of 10