Music Review-Bane-The Acausal Fire

Bringing Forth The Endless Dark Aeon
The End Of Humanity
In Endless Silence
As Chaos Rises
Light The Black Flame
The Truth Unleashed
World Of Desolation
Existence In Denial
Entering The Paradoxical Sphere
Night’s Blood (DISSECTION Cover)

Review-Bane’s sophomore effort continues to demonstrate their love of taking black and death metal and throwing in some unique melodies, and combining that with the blasts of rhythm guitar and the drums from the depths of hell. Then throw in that growl and aggressive vocal delivery and this is a band that really tries to put out a very solid record. The Acausal Fire is a good record, but far from beyond a perfect record. Though, I will say for the kind of music it clearly attacks is one of the better releases of this year. All the metal elements shown throughout this cd cleverly balance each other out and come across as solid, and that Bane are a band that need to be taken seriously. The negatives are that towards song 7 is when the cracks start to show and the cd gets weak and seems to feel redundant. I thought the first six songs on this cd were amazing and incredible, with a mix of Belphegor meets Today is the Day passing Amon Amarth.

The sound of this band is all over the map, it goes from symphonic to doom to death metal and is a riff driven band that has some impressive melodies that keep the listener involved in the songs. The first half of this cd flows and has so much dynamics and real power, the second half of this cd sounded like this band was in a race to get to the end of each song and they lost their identities. The inconsistency that really made the band’s sound suffer and hurt the band and plagued the debut record Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness and what they were trying to convey to the listener rears its ugly head yet again and this cd towards the end they start to have those problems and issues again, they just seem to feel rushed and you can tell in the music as the cd is going past track 6, that the band take such a big step backwards. This is a band that when they are focused like on the first half of this cd, really can put out amazing music that will make fans out of anyone who is into this style of music, but when they lose their focus and work at a different pace, really are their own worst enemies. This cd as a whole is such a mixed bag, the first six songs are so fucking solid and amazing. I could hit the back button and listen to those songs all day and night, and be happy. Songs seven and eight were ok to a point, but past that I was not a fan of the last three songs. I like what this band is offering and I am hoping for that next cd to really fix the problems that seem to be plaguing this band. I would say this is recommended to diehard fans of this genre. I did think As Chaos Rises is their best song to date, and for that reason maybe check them out and see if they are your cup of tea.

7.5 out of 10