Music Review-Avenue X-Avenue X

1 Tonight
2 The Devil’s Wall (feat. Steve Sylvester Death Ss)
3 Come Home (feat. Mr. Luckyluciano On Doublebass)
4 You Gotta Go.. T.s.
5 You Mean Everything to Me
6 Aliens
7 Never Trust a Junkie
8 Save Me
9 Crazy
10 You Are Nothing
11 I’m Sorry
12 4:20 24/7 (feat. Mr. Luckyluciano On Doublebass)


Review-Avenue X knows how to open a cd. I have heard a million cds in my lifetime, and never had an opening that a singer tells me she wishes that someone would fuck her tonight, and they build a catchy little song out of this offer with that being the chorus. That attitude is what is all over this cd, a band that is creating some infectious punk pop and flipping their middle finger at the world while they sing to you. Dionna has this vocal delivery that each song sounds like someone different. Tonight, starts off with this Brody Dalle approach that feels inspired as well by Courtney Love. And to me, this song could get the band a lot of attention. It comes across like some pop commercialized music till the lyrics kick in, and you see a band that feels the need to try to be mainstream but on its own terms, which is something music needs these days. The Devil’s Wall is the next track and truly showcases what this band has under its message, and that is a group of musicians who can play and create music. The vocals this time are a little more hard edged and grittier like a violent Jack off Jill on an acid trip. One thing is for sure each track is different than the one before it, almost drastically. This is basically a band that you cannot judge this cd by the cover or what this band gives you in terms of group pictures. I was expecting from what I read on their press release and the pictures I have seen, some punk rock band that will sound like all the other punk rock bands. And, what I got what a band that is so diverse and instead of putting out a straight forward cd, put out a soundtrack to their existence, with each experience different than the last. Never Trust a Junkie sounds like a song that could tear up alternative radio if they got a shot. That is what I liked the most about this cd, is that each track gave me a bigger surprise then the one before it, and was so damn catchy, that I found myself going back to certain tracks over and over because I could not get past them or get them out of my head. That is the one big shock to this cd, that Dionna seems to have all the bases of women in music covered with her approach, from the above mentioned to Concrete Blonde, Sioux, and etc. she has a innocence to her vocals that just really lure you into the song and then she hits you with these lyrics and vocals that are clearly so built on attitude and heart, that you had to know making this record had to be like therapy.

My negatives, as I got thru the cd the way it opened started to feel like a cheap way to start, I understand the need to try and get yourself attention and make that kind of statement that will set you apart, but lord this cd and the music is so solid that I almost wished they would have saved the song for last. I did not hate the song, because I really dig the song but when you listen to this cd, you will understand my argument. Marzio really gives his wife a sound that compliments her playing and delivery that I am glad they did not try to drown her out or make her scream nonstop. This cd is going to be a hard one to follow up, and I hope to see this band do more stuff in the future. I will say right now, I bet this band live will be a fucking amazing show because you can tell these two are so fucking passionate about the music and their sound. This band while their sound does at time remind me of this or that, this band has so much passion and heart in their music that I feel people would love this if they gave it a shot. I think this band may be the tip of a new breed of indie bands and musicians who really are out to take over music and are daring anyone to stop them. This cd is going to win you over, trust me this band is something for everyone, and everything to the people who listen to this cd.

8.5 out of 10