Music Review-Aeon-Aeons Black

01. Still They Pray – 3:51
02. The Glowing Hate – 4:12
03. The Void of the Accuser – 0:51
04. I Wish You Death – 4:55
05. Garden of Sin – 3:50
06. Neptune the Mystic – 1:12
07. Nothing Left to Destroy – 5:25
08. Passage to Hell – 1:05
09. Aeons Black – 3:42
10. Dead Means Dead – 4:04
11. Sacrificed – 3:23
12. Aftermath – 1:21
13. Blessed by the Priest – 3:59
14. Maze of the Damned – 3:39
15. Die by my Hands – 5:23

Review-Aeons Black is heavy as fuck and bleeds metal riffs and is clearly going to kick the listener’s ass with its fury and just pure hatred. This is the album death metal needs in 2012, and every fan needs to put in their collection. Aeon if you are not familiar with what their sound is it is traditional death metal with tempo changes throughout that go from slow riffs and a haunting start on certain songs that get heavy to a furious almost breakneck pace start that gets more and more breakneck as it goes on, that will make you just want to get up and react. The Voice of your Accuser is a piano solo that paints this calm before the storm kicks in with the next track, I Wish you Death which as you can guess this is not some love song. The drumming on this cd is fucking insane, the guitar riffs and vocals are so brutal and loud, that they growl and riff their way into your system and creates this pissed off feel, that let’s be honest whether we admit this or not, most of us feel these feelings and want an outlet to scream or react to everyday bullshit or situations, this cd speaks to you. This cd is relentless like a love letter from Satan that is just brutally intense and does not let up. This is a very dark, depressing and utterly mad cd but from the production value to the way the songs come across on this, a very well done opus as well.

This is 15 tracks of pure fucking brutal metal, and it takes traditional death metal and gives it a new life. This is the cd that really brings the heavy back in metal. You can just tell in each song they are inspired, enthusiastic and really wanting to push the bounds of both metal and fury. The message on this cd is blunt, honest and to the point and the music on this cd is just the same. As much as I liked Path of Fire in 2010, this cd is just so much better in both production and just pure fire. (Excuse the pun) On November 20th if there is one album you must own that week, make it this one, it is well worth the purchase. This is a must, a very big must.

10 out of 10