Music Review-Acid Witch-Witchtanic Hallucinations

01 Intro
02 Into The Cave
03 Swamp Spells
04 Witchblood Cult
05 The Black Witch
06 Witchtanic Hellucinations
07 Beastly Brew
08 Cauldron Cave
09 Rabid Werewitch
10 Realm Of The Wicked
11 Witches Tits
12 Broomstick Bitch
13 October 31st

Review-Acid Witch would be a great way to describe the sound of this band. They tend to mix doom and stoner metal with a theatrical growl. Originally released in 2008, and now reissued this cd at best is a mixed bag of ideas and styles that when they work, they really shine and when they do not work, it makes it literally impossible to get thru the track. This cd is psychedelic doom and gloom with a Monster Mash vocal delivery. The riffs are very infectious and catchy, and feel so huge and even when they are slowing down still sound heavy and really will keep you interested in the songs. My main issue with this cd was that by the midway point, it started to feel like it was dragging on and on. Like Six Feet Under pre True Carnage, and Barnes vocals seeming to make the whole cd seem like one long song. I wish the vocals were a little more diverse, and at least trying to sound a little different. Songs like Witchblood Cult and the title track are two of my favorite songs on this cd, because they mesh so many styles and work so well. It is almost like if Cathedral met King Diamond in Iron Butterfly’s heyday. The vocals sound like Hooded Menace in that low rumbling growl delivery they both seem to master. The only difference between the two bands is that this band has its feet in so many genres of metal and 60’s psychedelic, that they try to explore so many landscapes and they seem to bond them all together in this way that it does not seem like they are being imitators, it feels like they are trying to put their own stamp on a sound.

Make no mistake about it, this cd is heavy as fuck and the guitars are so heavy and the drums pound at the speed of sound, but the vocals and this concept get old after a while and I wish he would have at least tried to change it up a little. I know they are trying to recreate the horror based themes of bands like King Diamond and etc. and I commend them, but the cartoon witches and some of the humor and the B movie vibe throughout got a little old. The band has some impressive chops, and I hope that even with this re-issue that the band at least tries to change it up for the future stuff.

7 out of 10