Music Reissue Reviews-Death-Spiritual Healing and Corrosion of Conformity-Eye for an Eye

Chuck Schuldiner – guitar, vocals
James Murphy – guitar
Terry Butler – bass
Bill Andrews – drums

Disc 1

Spiritual Healing – Remastered
01. Living Monstrosity
02. Altering The Future
03. Defensive Personalities
04. Within The Mind
05. Spiritual Healing
06. Low Life
07. Genetic Reconstruction
08. Killing Spree

Disc 2

Spiritual Healing – Rehearsals
01. Altering The Future
02. Defensive Personalities
03. Within The Mind
04. Within The Mind – Take 2
05. Spiritual Healing
06. Killing Spree

Spiritual Healing – Studio Instrumentals
07. Defensive Personalities
08. Spiritual Healing
09. Within The Mind

Joke / Jam Tracks
10. Satanic Jam
11. Primus Jam
12. Jon a Qua – Take 2
13. Jon a Qua – Take 3
14. Jon a Qua – Take 4
15. Jon a Qua – Take 5
16. Jon a Qua – Take 6

Disc 3

Live at Streets, New Rochelle, NY March 17th, 1990
01. Living Monstrosity
02. Pull The Plug
03. Zombie Ritual
04. Spiritual Healing
05. Left To Die
06. Defensive Personalities
07. Genetic Reconstruction
08. Open Casket
09. Within The Mind
10. Leprosy

Unearthed Pre-Human Rehearsals
11. Suicide Machine
12. Together As One
13. See Through Dreams

Digital Deluxe ONLY Bonus Tracks
14. Suicide Machine – Unearthed Version 2
15. Suicide Machine – Unearthed Version 3
16. Suicide Machine – Unearthed Version 4
17. Together As One – Unearthed Version 1
18. See Through Dreams – Unearthed Version 2

Review-Being a music fan there are a few words you really get excited to hear, well beside new music it is reissue or deluxe edition. This week I got the chance to get my hands on two of the most anticipated reissues for metal fans so starting out we had Death’s Third album Spiritual Healing that was originally released in 1990. Relapse has been working overtime on putting out these re-issues and they been really stacking the cd and packaging to make fans happy to do the double dip and for some the triple dip. I know most fans when you mention Death, this is always their first choice for their best work, even though for me I always thought Human was the best, but I do admit I am also a diehard for Spiritual Healing. Disc one is a remaster of the original album, then you get previously unreleased rehearsal, outtakes and in studio instrumentals. The positive to any Death recording has always been the riffs, if nothing else can be said about this band Chuck Schuldiner has always pulled this band through and his determination regardless of all the lineup changes, has always been inspirational. Look at the lineup, Terry Butler who would go on to work with Six Feet Under, Obituary and Massacre. James Murphy whose resume includes Testament, his solo record with Devin Townsend and etc. Spiritual Healing for the band was that cd that really showed how diverse a band they were. While the bass sounds drowned out on this cd, make no mistake the guitars are the true star. While Chuck is a great singer, when you think of Death you think of the guitar work, and this cd could have been the litmus paper for many bands and also games like Guitar Hero.

While the album is really a great showcase for what Death has to offer, the slow dragging intros at time to the fast up-tempo intros that lead to some great drumming and then the leads by Chuck that leads to his vocals, it is truly the unreleased stuff that impressed me. As much as I love the song Killing Spree on the record, the rehearsal for the song is unreal and better than the version on cd. To hear how songs like this come together, are such a treat and any Death fan would cherish this stuff. The Satanic and Primus Jams were very cool as well, and showcases the laid back side of this band, that they know music can also be fun. The production on the songs is a little better than most re-issues. I really dig Death, though I would say if you are new to the band seek out Human first, but definitely think about buying this as well.

8.5 out of 10

Eye For An Eye Track Listing:

01. Tell Me
02. Minds Are Controlled
03. Indifferent
04. Broken Will
05. Rabid Dogs
06. L.S.
07. Rednekkk
08. Coexist
09. Excluded
10. Dark Thoughts
11. Poison Planet
12. What?
13. Negative Outlook
14. Positive Outlook
15. No Drunk
16. College Town
17. Not Safe
18. Eye For An Eye
19. Nothing’s Gonna Change
20. Green Manalishi
21. Eye For An Eye*
22. Center of the World*
23. Citizen*
24. Not For Me*
25. What ?*
26. Negative Outlook*

Eric Eycke – vocals
Mike Dean – bass
Woody Weatherman – guitars
Reed Mullin – drums

Review-Corrosion of Conformity is one of those bands that I like in doses. To me, their best cd was Blind, while Wiseblood is a quick second. That being said, longtime members Mike Dean, Woody Weatherman and Reed Mullin have decided that as a power trio they would start to release new music in the vein of their early days and when they perform live they only play the early stuff and current release. To show that they are fully behind embracing this part of their past the label have decided to re-release their debut record of 1984 Eye for an Eye. I always was a fan of punk and when metal crossed over with it bands like DRI, Leeway, ST, Bad Brains, and COC really were pioneers and should be given their due. Also included in this set is an EP Six Songs with Mike Singing, a release that came out briefly in 1989 when Mike rejoined them. Then, came Blind and Pepper and things changed and the band totally ditched this style. This is 26 songs in about 43 minutes of just pure punk fun.

If you did not know this band had punk origins, this cd will come as a shock to you. While the two above mentioned are my two faves, this would be a close third. The production is really great, and they put a lot of love into the packaging and making sure that if you own the originals that they gave you some an incredible packaging deal that would make you feel really good about the double dip. They also do a cover of Judas Priest’s Green Manalishi, well they actually were not the originators of the song, but they are the ones we relate the song to. All in all, if you never heard this before, this is a good chance to listen, and if you have you know that this is a really solid cd.

8 out of 10