Movie Review-Vamps

Coming to dvd and blu ray this Tuesday from Anchor Bay

Vamps is the story of two female vampires Goody (played by Alicia Silverstone) and Stacy (played by Krysten Ritter), who go to college and work jobs and live the typical New York after dark lifestyle. As the film opens we learn that Goody turned to a Vampire, (or that V word as she describes it) in 1841 and she met a woman some years later in 1992 that she made her stem (a term used to describe the person she bites that she turns into one) who became her best friend Stacy. We are in present day New York, and Stacy seems to have found the love of her life, there is only one problem. He is part of the Van Helsing family. This film marks a comeback of sorts, Alicia Silvertone to main role films and a return with her Clueless director Amy Heckerling. We learn as the film goes on that Goody and Stacy are not your typical Vampires, they do not bite humans unless they are saving their life, and they mostly feast on mice. Though they seem to have a queen or boss to answer to named Cisserus (played by Signourney Weaver) who has no kindness in her heart and feeds on humans as do the other Vampires. We also learn that beside her husband before she turned, Goody had another love of her life in the 1970’s named Danny ( played by Richard Lewis) that seems to come back in her life and he does not understand how he aged so much, and she still looks the same as she did then.

This film seemed like it wanted to be Twilight for the Sex in the City crowd. That is not to say the movie did not have its moments and was fun somewhat, it is just this film at moments came across as overly sappy and trying to create a love situation from two actors who did not have you believe they could ever be in love, and that is Alicia Silverstone and Richard Lewis. To me, the costars in this film like Marilu Henner, and the Fast Times at Ridgemont High cameo towards the end (which is not credited so I will not spoil it) felt wasted. Malcolm McDowell was also wasted as well, as a knitting Vampire. I did not mind the two main stars; I thought both ladies really worked well with each other, till the last ten minutes then it got a little hammy. The film has a lot of heart and humor; I mean to watch Stacy do a spider walk down a building was funny and pretty smart for the most part. I thought Signourney Weaver almost was in Avatar mode, and was funny. To me, Signourney is one of those women still today all these films later is still putting out solid work. I missed Alicia Silverstone from film, and this film is a good enough fix to keep me for a while.

This film would be best on a date night, when you have the person you are trying to impress and they tell you they loved Clueless or want to see something funny with a little romantic slant to it. This film while the cover looks geared towards the females, and you do expect this film to be heavily vying for female viewers, there was enough things in this film for male watchers to find interest in as well for the most part. I hated the hammy vibe of this film towards the end, and to create the impossible situation it asks you to buy into. But, for the most part it was pretty funny and could be recommended to a young couple or people who just want a change of pace from the jock or dumb comedies that seem to bombard us. But, Alicia Silverstone and Richard Lewis seriously, I will put that as the oddest romantic pairing ever in film. What next Danny Devito and Sasha Grey?

7.5 out of 10