Movie Review-They Call It Myanmar: Lifting the Curtain

In the last two years I have been watching more and more documentaries, and I am to the point now that it does not even matter about the subject matter that I just want to learn about things that otherwise I may never have the chance to learn about or experience. This documentary was shot over a 2 year period and provides a different kind of look at one of the most isolated places on this planet and shows everyday life of a place that most of Americans never get to visit or hear about. After watching Robert H. Lieberman’s one thing is for sure, I question does anyone really know the truth about the place that was once known as Burma? We all know it is an Asian country in the southeast, and if you watch the history channel a lot like me you know it was seized and occupied during War World II by the Japanese. We know from our news that Aung San Suu Kyi is their most high profile political figure and that she was under house arrest under 2010. (She served 15 of her 21 year sentence before being free, though the 2 extensions to her house arrest of one year and the eighteen months are illegal by both Burma law and the United Nations. ) The negatives to documentaries like this are the time length. At only 84 minutes you know this will not tell us all you may want to know, but hits the focus points like the government, their religion, the history and the education system among many other topics. For a place like Burma this brief glimpse does not do justice to the culture that for the most part is so isolated and very seldom exposed.

7 out of 10