Movie Review-Ted

Coming to Home Video December 11th

Seth MacFarlane takes his Family Guy humor and situations and puts them on the big screen for Ted. Anyone who has watched Family Guy, whether you are a fan or watched a few episodes know that with Seth’s writing nothing is truly taboo or off-limits and the results are usually very funny. Ted is Seth’s debut in feature films that we know would eventually happen, and in Ted he serves as director, cowriter, producer and the voice of the CGI lead character teddy bear Ted. Like Family Guy, this film rips on pop culture both today and yesteryear, drugs, religion, sex, commitment, bodily functions and any subject that some may view as offensive. I know where most people view Family Guy today and in the last few years as not as funny as the first few seasons, make no mistake Ted makes up for what Family Guy is not giving us. Ted is very believable as a foul mouth sex and drug filled CGI teddy bear. The film opens with John was is a lonely kid that no one wants to hang out with, and for Christmas he gets a teddy bear from his parents. He wishes upon a falling star that the bear could come alive and be his friend. The day after, he gets his wish. We fast forward thru the years of these two friends, and now John has a girlfriend who wants him to grow up and be responsible. Usually us men know what that means, that we have to tell our friends that we cannot hang out so much anymore, and start to get our adult ways going. Well, John has to part with Ted, and it is not so easy.

This film is true Seth MacFarlane and what he excels at, just absurdity and offensive humor. This film also plays it smart and shows some heart and gives us a few touching scenes here and there, to show that this is more than some adult raunchy romp. John is played by Mark Wahlberg and his girlfriend Lori is played by Mila Kunis, who failed together on Max Payne but made up for it with this one. They are both comfortable with each other, and compliment the other in terms of characters and the acting. Joel McHale from The Soup and Community plays Lori sex starved boss who is trying to break them up so he can add her to his trophy list of women at the office he has had sex with. The shock to this film is Sam J. Jones who played Flash Gordon in the film making his comeback. He introduces Ted and John to cocaine, and it is really one of the funniest scenes of 2012. Where this could have been just another buddy movie in the Apatow mold, Seth really made such a dynamic between the two characters and the insane situations they get into. Especially when Ted is forced to get a job at a grocery store and he does his best to get fired, but the manager keeps promoting him. Trust me, he does some very weird things and says the most lewd things to try and get fired, and it always backfires. Ted reminds me of Brian on Family Guy, he gets a lot of human women to fall in love and have sex, but it is never explained how he can satisfy them sexually. I am not so sure if I want to know, but this seemed like a very lewd and offensive extended episode of the best Family Guy. This played out like The Hangover to me, where everyone involved had fun and it showed, and everyone really had great comic timing and comedy to their acting talent. Also, that there is nothing they would not do for a laugh.

The Blu Ray offers the regular theatrical version and the unrated version; I had to see the unrated. From start to finish, this film had me and my wife laughing very hard. And I am the main one who has bitched about the last few seasons of Family Guy being just done to death stuff from earlier seasons. I hope this inspires Seth to create more films, because the man clearly when motivated and having something to prove really shines.

10 out of 10