Movie Review-Snowmageddon

Coming to dvd this Tuesday from Anchor Bay

The latest film from Sheldon Wilson (who was responsible for films like Super Cyclone, Killer Mountain and Mothman among many others) is back with Snowmaggedon. This film is about a family who gets a mystery snow globe, upon looking into it more they soon discover that it is a replica of their town inside the globe. So, when something bad happens inside the snow globe it basically happens to the town. They say if you have seen one made for TV Syfy original you seen them all, especially when it comes to preposterous man vs. nature films, and they would be sort of right. Make no mistake about it, this film is bad. The snow globe just pops up at someone’s door step on Christmas Eve and it is never explained to us who sent it or why they did it. We are just thrown into this film to believe that someone wants to ruin this town or just kill everyone, but they never give us any rhyme and reason as to why someone would want to do this. This box I presume just wanted to be like some kind of chance Pandora Box and arrive somewhere unbeknownst to anyone. The best part of the film is the first 40 minutes that is when all the fun cheese starts to happen with the overacting and situations like some kind of ice beam that shoots from storm clouds and can kill people.

The Second half of the movie is when the more absurd, yes there is more absurd stuff than some kind of ice beams or lightning beams that come from the skies and those being in the form of wooden spikes that just come up from the ground and can kill people like a wooden stake. This film just suffers from so many wasted and flawed moments, if you are going to go this route, why not try to have more fun with it? This film tried to play it serious while giving us situations that were just plain absurd, humor would have done this film so well. Of course, you know they will pile on the drama and put the main characters in so many absurd situations to try and draw you in to think they are in some kind of harm. You have Laura Harris playing the mom in this film, and she was so amazing in Dead Like Me, and showed in the past she can carry any role and this is the best you can give her? A mother who can fly a helicopter, and has the depth and range of a wet sponge? Magda Apanowicz is almost 30 years old, whose idea was it to let her play the role of a 14 year girl? And fear not, if that was not weird enough her Kyle XY costar Jeffrey Ballard plays a 14 year old X games wanna be athlete. This film is passable, skip-able and forgettable.

I am left to ponder, is there any film the Syfy channel has premiered that I was a fan of? I hate to think that I am overly hard on films, because I do feel I am fair. Or am I asking too much of these films? Being a fan of both horror and science fiction, you expect films to sometimes go beyond the realm of reality and give us well basically fiction. When films go this far past the realm of reality, I wish either make it more realistic or better acted. The sad part, like I mentioned above in the few names I did bring up, that this film did have some capable talent that could deliver if the script was solid. This film is bad and the acting is horrible, and the special effects make me laugh in a bad way. If this is on free television and you are bored, I would say watch it just to see how bad this film is but if you have to pay, I would say you might want to hold your money.

2 out of 10